Malibu C Blondes Weekly Brightner and Miracle Repair Packets Review

Monday, September 26, 2020

My hair is a very important part to my appearance. It is one of the first things that people notice about me. Not only is it one of the first things people notice but it can also tell people a lot about you. I do a lot to keep my hair looking great, from cutting my hair once every 6-10 weeks that way I don't have a lot of dead ends, to dying my hair to my natural blonde color. Now of course, my hair turned very dark after I had my kids, but that is okay when they offer this great product called hair dye. I don't go to salons and get my hair dyed, but I do spend my money on the top of the line products when it is that time to dye my hair again. The problem with my hair is all the pollution, sun and of course water. My hair can turn dull after a month sometimes depending on the season and, well, our water is hard so this can take a huge toll on my hair, and the beauty of it. When 'Malibu C' offered to send me two different products that could help my hair, I was super happy. I mean if I can find a product out there that can help my hair deal with the hard water we have, that would be great.

About the company: Malibu Wellness offers wellness solutions for hair, scalp, & skin using patented fresh-dried vitamin technology, under Malibu hair care and EC Mode skin care. The company's philosophy is Total Oxidation Management, which is about understanding the connection between the environment and the human body, and salons and their clients are finding solutions to common hair and skin conditions using this approach. Malibu Wellness, Inc. was founded Malibu, California in 1985, the first company to develop products with fresh-dried Vitamin C and Vitamin E for external use. The company has been formulating and marketing these unique technologies under the brand names Malibu 2000 and EC Mode.

Malibu offers a very nice array of products for any hair type with any issues. From tons of natural treatments, system kits, shampoo's conditioners, styling products, reconstruction products, and even accessories. 

Malibu C Miracle Repair Power Protein Builder priced around $24.00 for a 12pk: immediately repairs damaged hair. The vitamin-enriched formula infuses vital moisture to back into your hair. Plant proteins penetrate and rebuild inner structure of hair. Hair feels stronger immediately plus instantly detangles to improve comb-ability. This product increases volume and shine. 100% Vegan.

This product is really easy to use. Following shampooing your hair simply apply the Miracle Repair. After it has been in your hair for 3-5 minutes rinse. Also, for those that have more damaged hair you can use with a heating cap and use for 5-10 minutes.

This product offered a very creamy texture, that smoothed and layered into my hair very well. The smell of the product is quit nice, not completely over whelming but pleasant. I left this product in for 5 minutes due to the fact that in our home we have hard water. I couldn't tell that the product was working while it was sitting in my hair, but I could tell by the feel when it was time to rinse it out. The product made my hair smooth during the rinsing process and left it feeling completely moisturized. I was surprised at how quickly my hair became very manageable. I was able to comb, dry and brush with ease. Which in return made fixing my hair a breeze. I am very happy with this product, and at its price, I am more than happy to continue purchasing this product.

Blondes Weekly Brightener priced around $42.00 per 12pk: is a patented, fresh-dried vitamin complex that dissolves into a gel in the palms of the hands forming a rich lathering treatment specifically formulated for blonde and highlighted hair. Offering shine and vibrancy while helping to prevent damage from environmental elements in the air and water.

Malibu Blondes Weekly Brightener is really easy to use. You simply put the crystals into  your wet palm, then rub wet palms together to form a rich gel that when applied to hair turns to a lathering treatment. May be used daily, weekly or as often as desired.

So, it didn't take me long before I tried this product. I was really intrigued by the fact that the product was crystals. I have never used a product for my hair before that was anything other then liquid, cream, moose, gel the usual. When I added the crystals into my palms and rubbed them together with warm water it was really interesting how the product turned into gel. It was like I was doing a science project in the bathroom with my hair. I was really surprised at the ease of rubbing the product into my hair. I put a towel on my hair, as I don't own a cap that heats. I left my hair in the towel for seven minutes. I wasn't quite sure how long to keep the product in my hair as the package does not say. But, I figured it had to be like the other packet I reviewed. After a I took the towel off and rinsed. I was really surprised at the ease of rinsing and how my hair felt. My scalp and hair felt so clean, as if so much bad particles got rinsed out. It just felt so healthy. I was so surprised at how bright and shiny my hair was after using this product only once. I was really happy, I actually forgot that my hair was so bright. Perfect time for family pictures.

Where to purchase: You can go to the store locator to find a salon near you. These products and others can be purchased right from the website. You can also order from Amazonimage and prices will vary depending on what you purchase.

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Disclosure: I was sent products for free to review for my honest opinion, from either a PR agency or a company. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: " Guides concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. You can also go here and read my PR Polices.

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