Zac Omega Bars Review/Giveaway

Saturday, August 20, 2020

As you have come to realize, I am always on the lookout for healthy natural snacks and foods for my family. Keeping my family healthy is a very important thing but I also want to be able to give my family yummy tasting food along with the food being healthy. Not only do I want food that is healthy and tasty but I also love the food that offers something that they need in their daily life. Omega 3 fatty acids, is an essential component of healthy brain development. The problem with this well most kids hate to take medicine so what better choice then to give my kids Zac Attach Bars and well I and my hubby need omega as well which is great since they also offer Zac Omega.

About the company: Zac Bar products are natural in their entirety. We bake them with care at our family bakery in the Pacific Northwest with the goal of providing all of the convenience and good taste of an on-the-go snack, while skipping the high-fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients. Zac Bars were created as the solution to a problem for owner Tom Fitzgerald. Tom had been providing fresh baked cookies to local public schools for almost ten years when rules regarding school meals began to rapidly change. National attention began to turn to subjects such as childhood obesity, school nutrition, and revising outdated and neglected federal food regulations. It was clear to Tom that he needed a snack bar product. He used fresh ingredients already at his disposal, a vision for what he thought would taste good. Finally, the Zac Omega bar was created. Tom took the a chewy outer biscuit made of rolled oats, whole grain wheat flour and flax seed flour and filled it with all natural fruit jam. Zac Bars Inc. continues at the pace that Tom has set. We continually work to evaluate and improve on the products we offer. We will always stick to what we know best – snacks that are all natural, tasty and honest.
Zac Attack Bars: Which is a great snack for any kid. It is a chewy 1.5 oz. snack bar made with flax flour and filled with all natural fruit jam. Each bar contains 500 mg of ALA omega-3 fatty acids, an essential component of healthy brain development. Zac Attack Bars come in two different flavors: whole oats & apple and whole oats & strawberry.

Both of my kids was huge fans of these bars. They for me I thought was the prefect size. A lot of snack bars I get for my kids are simply just to big and they usually don't get to finish them. These are actually the size I look for in bars for my kids. They were able to finish them much easier which in return cuts down on waste. But, the most important thing is they loved the tastes of them so much. I loved that the flavors were flavors that my kids eat all the time anyways so it wasn't something that they were unfamiliar with. That made them a much bigger hit with my kids. Plus, I was able to omega 3 in them without giving them medicine and they would never know.
Zac Omega Bars: All-natural, chewy and delicious! This is an original Zac Bar and is a great snack for everyone, whether you need an energy boost during your hike or a quick snack during your busy day. Loaded with 1500 mg of ALA Omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber. Available in 5 flavors: strawberry, peanut butter & strawberry jam, marion berry, honey oat raspberry, and apple.

It seems like I am always on the move from here to there. So, getting the time for me to actually sit down and eat right or take supplements well sometimes it is just totally forgot all about. This is one of my biggest reasons that I am always looking for healthy snacks that offer me the nutritional benefits that my body really needs. But, for me I am like a kid it had better taste good lol. When I was sent a bar in each flavor I was really excited to dive right in and try these bars out. For one the packaging is great I love vibrant colors that really pop. I will be honest I loved all the flavors equally so I would have to say they all are my favorite. I loved that they were super moist and the prefect size for eating on the go. Plus, something I noticed which I think is pretty cool. These bars last up too 30 days at room temperature but if refrigerated they can last up too 12 months. I will be honest I loved my cold. But, then again I love a lot of food cold that others would more then likely not like pop tarts and debbie cakes lol.

Where you can purchase: you can go to their website and order from their online store. Prices will vary depending on the size and bar you purchase.


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