Sea Band Anti Nausea Ginger Gum and Sea Bands for Kids Review/Giveaway

Tuesday, July 23, 2021

When summer is here is seems like my family tends to get more upset stomachs than any other time of the year. Mine comes from me being pregnant or from having migraines. This pregnancy I get upset at my stomach at times. Then when I get a migraine, it always comes with an upset stomach. Then my kids love to read books no matter where they are sometimes even in the car. Now this can be fun because they usually end up with an upset stomach. Luckily, for me I had the chance to work with Sea Band, which offers great products for the entire family to help with morning sickness, motion sickness really anything that gets your stomach upset. 

Did you know that 53 million Americans suffer from motion sickness (car sickness, air sickness, or sea sickness) and children ages 5 to 12 years old, women, and the elderly are the most susceptible. 

Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum is a great option if you’d prefer to subtly relieve your nausea without having to wear your nausea relief bands. Pure ginger root has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years and Sea-Band has captured its natural soothing properties in a fast-acting, great-tasting chewing gum. Each piece of gum contains 25mg of ginger oil—equivalent to 8g of fresh ginger root!
During my pregnancy, morning sickness has become a common thing. Sometimes it is not that bad at all but sometimes it can be horrible. Honestly, I have night sickness instead of morning sickness. I always get sick at night and feel great in the morning. I have done this now with all three of my pregnancies. That is how I know I am pregnant even before I find out. Another thing that hits me more when I am pregnant are migraines. I have these even when I am not pregnant but even more when I am. The Anit Nausea Ginger Gum is a product I wish I had months ago. This gum is great for traveling for motion sickness, morning or night sickness and thing that really upsets your stomach. I am happy that the gum is all natural and gluten free allowing it to be a safe product for pregnant women. I was surprised at the taste of the gum it offers actual ginger root taste. It is actually more pleasant tasting then I thought it would be. Honestly, I would much rather have the gum then the soda drink. 

I was impressed with how well the product actually works when you have an upset stomach. The other night when my stomach was feeling the way it usually does I decided ok I am going to try the gum and keep my fingers crossed. Within no time, I could feel relief from my upset stomach. After I was done chewing the gum, I noticed that the upset stomach did not come back for the remainder of the night. The Ginger Gum is now on my nightstand for those nights when I cannot handle my upset stomach anymore.

Sea-Band Drug Free Nausea Relief Bands: $11.99 (U.S), $12.99 (Canada)

Approved by the FDA, Sea-Band acupressure wristbands are the leading natural, drug-free remedy for motion sickness (car sickness, air sickness, or sea sickness). They work using the ancient Chinese art of acupressure, by applying continuous pressure to the inner wrists (P6 Neiguan pressure point) through a small plastic ball on the inside of each wristband. This stimulation causes the nervous system to release chemicals that help to trigger the body’s natural healing abilities, relieving nausea in minutes.
We decided to go visit some family last weekend and all around it is a 4 hr drive. So of course, we had to pack movies, books, the DSi and more to keep the kids occupied during the trip. If not we would have some very unhappy bored kids in the back. Typically, my kids will get an upset stomach especially when they go to read a book or play a game. So, before we headed out I went ahead and placed the Sea Bands on each of their wrists. Luckily, I received a pink pair for my little girl and a blue pair for my little boy. By the time, we reached our family members house, which took a couple of hours to get too. During the ride not one time did my kids complain over their stomachs, which was actually nice.  The Sea Bands are so simple to use and the results are exactly what I would want in a product.\
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Where to purchase: Sea-Band products are available in mass market retail, supermarkets and drug stores in the U.S and Canada:

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    I learned that "Sea-Bands are clinically proven to relieve motion sickness and morning sickness in addition to helping with post-operative and chemotherapy-induced nausea." Great it helps with so many nausea problems.


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