Zippity Doo's Review/Giveaway

Zippity Doo's Review/Giveaway

Monday, November 7, 2020

The school year can bring so many different things home dirty coats/backpacks, homework, birthday invitations, and of course the dreaded lice. I do however do a few things to help on the hope of my kids not bringing the lice home. I put my little girls hair in braids, buns and ponytails, I try not to let her wear her hair down. Then with my little boy I buzz his head, granted he looks way cute with a buzz. 

So, when I found out about a new line of products offering the prevention of lice, I was so excited. Zippity Doo's offers protection and prevention in hair products for all your kids needs in hair.

Zippity Doo’s products are made with a special combination of natural ingredients designed to promote healthy hair and scalp while helping prevent the infestation of head lice and other insects. Along with the protection, each item also offers a very pleasant fresh scent and is Pediatrician Approved. The complete line of Zippity Doo's includes; Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave In Detangler, Styling Gel, and Shield Spray. 

I was really impressed with each of these products from Zippity Doo's. Admittedly, I did have doubts how well the items would work in regards to cleaning my kids hair. My worries however changed really fast after using the first product. 

The Shampoo left my kid's hair clean, shiny, and healthy. I could
instantly tell by how the shampoo lathered up in my kid's hair that it was really cleaing it. Also, it rinsed out with ease and didn't cause a build up or a waxy feel on the hair.

Although, I don't use conidtioner in my little boys hair as it is a buzz cut and therefore isn't too hard to manage. I did however use the product in my daughter's hair. The length of her hair is almost down to her butt, making conditioner a must. I was really happy with how well it moisturized her hair, which, after using a straightener and blow-drying, can tend to get a little dried out. When the moisture was back in her hair, it also became very soft, a pleasant surprise. This allowed some of the tangles to brush away.

The one thing I have found out with a little girl is that I have to use a Leave-In Detangler. This helps out in making her hair easier to fix. This product is very Vitamin enriched, which benefits the health of your hair. After applying the detangler, I combed her wet hair and the tangles and knots came free with ease. Usually, my little girl gets a lot of frizz from combing and blowdrying due to tangles but this really helped eliminate the issues with frizz.

We keep our little boy's hair buzzed, so it just isn't the length to use gel yet. So, my hubby was sweet enough to try out the product for us and tell us how well he liked it. The Styling Gel is completely Alcohol free which makes it gentle enough to use on a little ones head. He also stated that it was non-sticky which is an issue he says he finds with a lot of gels. It was also easy to style the hair with this product and it gives great shine. His style lasted for the day with ease and also wasn't hard to wash out.

I have to say my most favorite item from Zippity Doo's would have to be the All Purpose Shield Spray. This product can be used everywhere from your kids hair, clothes, backpack, outer part of the lunch box, coats, and more. This product is non-sticky and leaves a very pleasent scent on everything. The reason I love this product is, of course, more than likely our kids hair isn't the first thing that gets attacked by lice, it comes from another kid onto an item of our kids. This is prefect for that protection.

Where to purchase: You are able to go to the available at tab and it will tell you all the online stores you can purchase these items. Also, at the bottom of the page there is a list of places off line that sell these items as well. You are also able to head to Amazonimage and purchase these items also. Prices will vary depending on what you purchase.


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  2. would like to try the Zippity Doo’s Shampoo and Zippity Doo’s Conditioner.

  3. Most excited about Zippity Doo’s™ Leave-In Detangler b/c my daughters hair is a HOT mess

  4. leave in detangler, my daughters hair is the worst!

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    Definitly the leave-in detangler


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