Tips For Preparing Your Nursery Room

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Are you getting ready to introduce your newborn to the world? Having a baby is an exciting experience that will bring with it many wonderful memories. It is one of the most amazing things you will ever do, whether you are adopting, giving birth naturally, or have conceived with the help of the best fertility doctors. Before your baby arrives, it’s always worth getting a few things in place in order to make the process that little less stressful. From redecorating the room to purchasing some baby clothes, these things will be exciting and put you in the best position possible for when your little one arrives.

Below I have put together a guide of five things to consider when preparing your nursery room. My main tip would be to do this as soon as possible as you don’t want to be stressing about it when the baby is due. Plus, the last thing you want to do is lay your newborn in a room smelling strongly of new paint.
Redecorating the walls
Will you opt to repaint the wall or will you put up wallpaper, or maybe both? The walls in your little one’s room are important as this will set the theme of the rest of the room. If you know the sex of your baby you can decide on the color scheme based on this. If not, go neutral, that way it doesn’t matter either way. Wallpaper and paint both have their pros and cons however paint tends to be easier to do yourself in a more professional manner. Feature walls are still in fashion if you are considering doing a mix of paint and wallpaper. For inspiration why take a look at Pinterest for some designs?

What Flooring To Choose
When it comes to flooring there are a plethora of options. That said, the most commonly chosen is carpet or laminate flooring as both are more affordable than others. Laminate flooring is good for cleaning and is less likely to get stained by the mess your baby may make. Carpets allow for different colors to be added to the room and can make the room feel warmer (Unless you have underfloor heating ). When going into a flooring store, they should be able to show you a whole variety of designs that you can choose from.
Artwork On The Wall
One of the most effective ways to break up white space within the walls is to hang artwork of pictures on the wall. Not only is the artwork a great way to add some color to the room, but it can bring a calming feel to the room as well. If you have any pictures of your bump and your partner together, then why not hang these as some lovely memories? When hanging things on the wall, try not to place them above the cot and put them high enough that your baby can’t reach them and knock them off the wall. If you don’t like artwork or pictures on the wall, you could always opt for a mirror instead. Mirrors are great for reflecting light and making a room feel bigger.
Choosing The Furniture
One of the most exciting parts of getting your nursery ready is choosing the furniture. There are so many things to consider from seating options to the perfect cot, and the wardrobes to store your little ones clothes in. When choosing your furniture, make sure you visit multiple stores for the best options and prices. Often you can ask a member of staff for any key things they think you should have in the room. Not only do you want the furniture to present a relaxing home environment but you want it to be practical and store enough of your baby’s items. Try and plan this as far in advance as possible as you will want it all installed and ready to go well before your baby arrives.
Planning Your Lighting
The lighting of a room is important. Too bright and your baby will struggle to sleep, too dark and you’ll find it always feels like it’s the evening within that room. When looking at light bulbs, why not consider installing smart LED bulbs? Not only are these better for the environment, but you can also turn them on and off on your phone and change the colors to be more relaxing for your little one. Depending on the brands you opt for the bulbs aren’t very expensive and you can get them on next-day delivery in most places.

When preparing your nursery, try not to rush. Give yourself as much time as possible to complete this room and have it perfect for when your little one arrives and sleep in it for the first time.

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