How To Decorate Your First Apartment

Friday, November 13, 2020

 The idea of decorating your first apartment is such an exciting one, but it's also one that is fraught with questions. It can be hard to know where to start when you've never needed to strike out on your own and completely decorate a place before, and that daunting feeling can even mean you do nothing at all. 


No matter whether you are renting a place and want to make it feel more like home or you've bought your own condo in Icon City, you are going to want a comfortable, inviting place to live. If you're worried about where to start, read on; we've got some useful tips for you. 


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Start At The Beginning

If you don't know where to start when it comes to decorating your first apartment, the best thing to do is begin at the beginning. This usually means your entranceway. In most apartments, you will find a short corridor that takes you from the front door to the living areas, and because this is a small space but one that can easily get cluttered and feel uncomfortable, it's an ideal place to start.

If you don't have an entranceway because your front door opens right up into your living area, don't worry – you can still ensure the area by the door is kept clear and has all the accessories you might need. It will be as if you have an entranceway even if you don't.

A great place to start is hooks on the wall. This is where you will be taking your coat on and off before leaving your home and returning. Having attractive, perhaps uniquely styled hooks that match your aesthetic means there is always somewhere to hang those pieces of outdoor clothing.

Having a space for shoes is a good idea too. You can invest in some storage that allows you to put them away neatly – there are even items of furniture that fold away, giving you more space.

Make sure you keep the color scheme light and bright here, too – it might be a small space, but that doesn't mean it has to be dark.

Go To The Windows

Once your entryway looks inviting and just how you want it, your next step can be your windows. Again, this is a small job, but one that will make a big difference to your first apartment's overall design. As well as this, it's also a good place to focus on if you are feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do.

You'll need to choose whether you want blinds or curtains to begin with. Of course, you can have a combination of both, but too much mixing and matching can give your home a confusing feel that will make you and your guests feel a little uncomfortable. This is why it's best to pick one type of window treatment and stick with it.

Look for plain colors for your window treatments as this will allow you to do more when it comes to decorating the rest of the room, and it will mean your choice will be in fashion for much longer than any patterned curtains will be.

You might also want to take into account the time of year. In the summer, the sun rises earlier and sets later and can stream through thin curtains. Thin curtains in the winter won't combat any drafts very well. Thicker curtains will work all year round.

Think Carefully About Color

Using too many colors in your new apartment might be fun, but it can also lend an air of childishness which, as an adult, you're probably not looking for. Stay away from the idea of painting each room in a different color as this will be confusing and take away from any stylish look you might be going for. Plus, it will make choosing window treatments, carpets, and furniture more difficult.

The best thing to do regarding color is to paint every room in the same neutral tone, such as magnolia or beige, or some form of off white (there are many variations on this theme). Once you have the basic color down, you can add splashes of brightness using accessories. These are ideal since you can move them from room to room or even change them up when you want to, which is much easier than repainting the room when you get tired of the color.

Use Creativity To Hide What You Can't Remove

There will be some things in your new home that you don't like the look of, but that you need so can't remove. In this case, you need to use your creativity to develop solutions to help your home look great.

Take radiators, for example. They don't always look so great, but they are necessary to heat your home. There are many different radiator covers to be found online, many by independent producers. Using one of these will cover the radiator, making an artistic talking point, and even give you an extra shelf!

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