How Moms Can Support Their Children's Learning

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Your teachers will be doing a great job of educating your kids, we're sure, but as a parent, there are things you can do to support your children's learning too. By getting more involved, your child will benefit from the help you give them, as they will have that academic boost they need to do better at school.

There is much you can do to help, so check out the following suggestions if you need any inspiration.

#1: Support your child with their homework

Make sure you set aside a slot in your child's schedule for their homework, and give them a quiet place in the home in which to do it. Ensure they have everything they need to hand, such as pens, paper, and a computer, and give them a comfortable seat to sit on, as well as a spacious desk. And despite your need to find time in the day for yourself, remember that your child might need your help, so try to make yourself available. You shouldn't do their homework for them, of course, but you might be able to point them in the right direction if they need extra support and encouragement.

#2: Gather the resources you need to help your child

It might be that your child's teacher can help in this regard, as they will know of the best resources you can use to help your child with their reading, number work, and other aspects of the curriculum. As an example, the Hi-Lo strategy guide can help you use the corresponding books to build your children's reading mastery. By educating yourself with the learning materials that are available to you, you will be in a better position to educate your children at home.

#3: Establish a bedtime routine

Think of this in two ways.

First, consider what you might be able to do to support your child's learning of an evening. You might play a puzzle game with them before they go to bed, for example, and when they're all tucked up, you might encourage a love of reading in them by telling them a story.

Secondly, make sure your children go to bed at a decent time. When they have had a good night's sleep, they will be more alert in the morning, and they will be better prepared mentally for their day at school.

#4: Give your children a healthy breakfast

You can boost your child's brainpower with the right breakfast, so make sure they have something healthy to eat in the morning. Check out these breakfast ideas, for example, and read the tips that are in the linked article. When your child starts their day in the right way, they will have the ability to concentrate better at school.

#5: Find out what is on the curriculum

When you know what your child is learning, you will have the knowledge you need to extend the curriculum after school. You could take your children to museums, libraries, and other places that can stimulate learning, for example, and you could also download the relevant apps and computer programs that can complement your child's schoolwork. Again, talk to your child's teacher to learn more, and ask for their advice if you need some inspiration.

There is more you can do, of course, so do your homework online. By supporting your child's learning, in any way, you will unlock their potential, and they will flourish both in and out of the school environment. 

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