10 Ways To Make Bath Time With Baby A Breeze

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

 Bath time can be so much fun for babies, and it can be a great bonding opportunity for you too. Making sure your baby has regular baths is key if you are going to keep them clean, healthy, and happy. Doing this is also a brilliant way to provide early development and learning opportunities! However, it can take a while before your baby starts to love bath time. As long as you do your best to make it as fun as possible for them, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem. Here, you’ll find plenty of advice to ensure bathtime with your baby is a breeze!

  1. Help Baby Build Their Fine Motor Skills

There are some great ways you can help your baby build their fine motor skills and early math skills in the bath. One thing you can try is giving your baby a bunch of different sized cups so they can fill them with water and pour it out again. This simple activity can help them with lots of fundamental skills, such as cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity. They’ll love filling the cups and pouring them out over and over - watching them is a joy, and you can see that they are really learning.

  1. Take A Bath Before Bed

Bath time isn't just a way to relax for adults. It’s a great way for babies to relax, too, and get into the mood for bed. If you have a baby who fights sleep with all they have, then making sure they take a bath first is a great idea. A good bath before bed can help to reduce your baby’s cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and make them sleepy. If you pair this with a baby massage and a little aromatherapy (depending on how sensitive their skin is) you should have one tired, happy baby. Consider adding a drop or two of lavender oil to their bath to help them drift off to the land of nod soundly.

  1. Get Into A Good Routine 

Kids love bath time as it can seriously help with self-regulation and independence. Young children need daily routines because it gives them a sense of control. If they understand that bath time is part of their regular routine, they will feel more secure. They will also begin to understand time a lot better. Do your best to give your baby a bath at the same time each day and they will begin to learn early on.


  1. Make Bath Time As Fun As Possible

Try to up the fun factor when it comes to bath time so they love taking baths in the long run. Add boats, toys, rubber ducks, water guns, and any other fun things they can play with. Waterproof books and washcloth puppets are great ideas too. These things will keep your baby busy enough that they won’t even notice they are being cleaned! You don’t even need to buy special toys. Tupperware containers, spritz bottles, and other things found around the house can work really well. Just try them with things you’ve found and see how they get on. You’d be surprised at what could become a much loved bath toy.

  1. Invest In A Bath Seat

There are some really great bath seats out there that can help to keep your baby safe and upright while you give them a wash. It only takes a few seconds for your baby to go under the water, and this is how disasters happen. Keeping them safe and secure in the bath is a must - but remember, you still shouldn’t turn your back.

  1. Get In With Them

Most people have fond memories of bathing with their parents, siblings, and even cousins. Hop in the bath with your baby or toddler when you can, or bathe them and their siblings together. They’ll love the extra company and it’s a great bonding opportunity. If you can’t get in with them, then consider buying them a special doll they can take in the bath. They can learn to wash their doll like you wash them, which is another great learning opportunity.

  1. Work From The Top Down

When it comes to washing your baby, go from the top down. Use a washcloth and start with their face, and be careful around their eyes. Pay close attention to their folds and crevices, such as their neck, ears, and the sides of their nose. Make sure you wash their hands and feet, too. Do the bottom and genitals last. Shampooing their hair as the very last step can ensure the shampoo in the tub doesn’t irritate them anywhere. Making sure you are caring for your baby's skin properly is a must. It’ll keep them clean, comfortable, and hydrated without irritation. They may be super cute, but it’s so easy for them to get super grimy throughout the day, too! 


  1. Don’t Make Baths Too Long

Keep baths short and sweet if you can. Try to keep bath time 10-15 minutes. If you leave them in the tub longer than this, you run the risk of giving them dry skin. Ensuring you end the bath with fragrance free moisturizer to keep their skin soft and supple will be nice and relaxing for them. Making sure you keep to a similar time frame each time will get them use to the passing of time, and could mean they are less likely to kick up a fuss when it’s time to get out.

  1. Cover Them During The Bath

Even in a warm bath, your baby can lose body heat quickly. Using a warm washcloth to cover them while you wash them can help them to stay toasty and comfortable. Making the house warmer is also a good idea!

  1. Don’t Use Baby Powder

It can be tempting to get a bit nostalgic and use baby powder on your baby, like your mother likely once used on you. However, this isn't necessary and could potentially cause issues. Pediatricians often advise against using baby powder as it can potentially get into their lungs and cause breathing difficulties.

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