Top Tips For Car Safety With Kids

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Children need to be taught how to behave safely in the car, especially when they are very young. Car safety shouldn’t be overlooked. We all drive a lot, and it can be easy to drift into bad habits that we can then accidentally teach to our families. Any driver should take the safety of their passengers seriously, but this is doubly so with kids in the car. Here are some of the best ways to keep kids safe in the car, whether on the school run or longer trips on holiday.

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Always Wear A Seat Belt

If a car accident does happen, a seat belt is the most important thing that could save your child’s life. Whether they sit in the front or back of the car, no matter how short the drive is, every person in the car must be wearing their seat belt. Set a good example by always wearing a seatbelt yourself. Always put your belt on before pulling out of the driveway. Don’t do it while you’re already driving. Make sure the children are safely buckled in before you set off. If they’re old enough to put on their own seat belt, remind them every time you get into the car. It will soon become automatic to safely buckle up. Remember that if you are involved in an accident, then a personal injury attorney may be able to help you get compensation.

Learn How To Properly Use A Car Seat

If your child is still young enough to need to travel in a car seat, then you must use a safe one. Make sure that the car seat that you buy is safe, and meets safety laws in your state.

The seat should be the right size for your child and should be secured correctly. After fitting the car seat, give it a good yank to make sure it isn’t able to move around. Give it a rough shake to make sure it isn’t loose.


If your child is less than two years old or weighs less than 20 pounds, the seat should face the back of the car, even if this makes travel games trickier.

Check the harnesses on the seat. These shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. Pull them to make sure they’re firm and will keep your child in place if you have to brake suddenly or you are hit by another car. If the car seat is new, practice fastening the child into it before you put it in the car to learn how to properly fasten it.

When your child has outgrown their car seat, you can change to a booster seat. A booster seat lifts the child high enough to be safely held in place by the seat belt. Without it, a child can slide out from under the belt and be injured.

A winter coat can also cause a problem with your car seat, as the bulk of the coat will compress in a crash situation, making the harness too loose. Take your child’s coat off before buckling them in, and instead, make sure the car is warm enough for them without it.

With these simple tips, keep your child safe on car trips.

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