How To Design A Kid-friendly Dining Room

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

 Designing a kid-friendly dining room is a must if you want to keep your kids safe in your home. Every room should be kid-friendly, but this is a room where kids tend to eat, play, do homework, and more - so it should be made extra friendly if they are going to stay safe and happy. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can make your dining room more kid-friendly:

Include Non-Toxic Plants

Non-toxic plants are amazing. Not only do they bring the outdoors inside, they purify the air! This can make any room super healthy for kids. However, you should make sure they are placed high up, such as hanging from the ceiling. This will stop your child from pulling them over, pulling the leaves off them, or eating dirt. You never know what kids may be tempted to do.  

Have An Area Designed For Play 

An area specially designed for play will ensure that the toys don’t get spread all over the room. You can’t stop them from getting their toys out altogether, but you can give them an area especially for them that they can play in and have a good time. This should help to keep the toys confined to one area only and ensure that any mess isn't that bad. 

Keep It Clutter Free 

Keeping the rest of the dining room clutter-free can ensure that nothing happens to important items and that there’s no difficult mess to clean up. Sometimes, kids will have plenty of toys to play with and choose to play with important documents and your antiques instead. By keeping the room clear of these types of things, you won’t have to worry about mess or your kids getting into things that they shouldn’t. 


Get Down To Their Level 

Spend some time in the dining room and get right down to your child’s level. What do you see? Do you see uncovered plug sockets, wires, and sharp corners? If so, then you may have some redesigning to do before they are allowed to play in there again! Accidents do happen, and steps should be taken to avoid them as much as possible. 

Buy Safe Furniture 

Buying sturdy, high quality furniture often means creating a safer space for your kids - and a more attractive space for you. You can find this kind of furniture at a place like the Dining Room Outlet. Furniture doesn’t have to be ugly and unsuitable for the whole family! 

Soften The Floor With Rugs 

Use rugs to soften the floor just in case of any falls. You’ll want to make sure these rugs are forgiving - this means either having them a darker color or making sure they are patterned. Kids spill and get messy, and the rug can protect your floor from doing the same. 

Creating a kid-friendly dining room isn't difficult, yet many parents only think to do it once their kids have suffered a fall or injury. Take the steps now to protect your little ones.

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