Anxiety Doesn't Have To Hold You Back Anymore!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The main way to manage stress is to take control of our lives (our thoughts, our emotions, our schedule, our environment and the way we deal with problems). We must realize that we are solely responsible for our own happiness. A first step in managing stress would be to identify the causes of our stress. This is not as obvious as it seems. While we can easily recognize important stressful situations (change of job, divorce, illness, exams, etc.), the causes of chronic stress may be difficult to identify. Record what stresses you, how you feel when it overwhelms you (physically and mentally), how you react and what makes you feel better. Take time to meditate.

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Basic relaxation techniques, after a hard day

There are some ways to manage your stress but it isn’t a quick fix and takes a lot from you. Here are some little tips to assist:

1. Turn off the phones: Put your cell phone on silent and do not pick it up, even if you see it from afar ... blinking.

2. Create an atmosphere: Light some candles not only for ... atmosphere, but because they will help you, looking at them, to relax. Even do some colouring and puzzles such as

3. Sit or lie down comfortably, play your favorite music and do absolutely nothing: Focus on what you are feeling. Let the thoughts pass through your mind, do not drive them away. Look at the candle flame with half-closed eyes. Breathe slowly. Focus on your breathing. This is a beginning for meditation.

4. Think of something fantastic: A calm landscape and you in it. Relax, feeling like you are there.

5. Get in the bathtub: If you want, fill your bathroom with lukewarm water and salts, and immerse yourself in it. Rub your body with a sponge to "get rid of the fatigue of the day". It’s a lovely way to "recharge" your batteries and feel beautiful.

6. Treat your body: Apply a lovely lotion.

7. Drink a warm chamomile if you want to sleep peacefully right after: Yes, a glass of wine relaxes you, but chamomile calms and detoxifies.

8. Get pencil and paper: Write down your thoughts (not the tasks you have for the next day), read a book. Now is your time with yourself.

9. Stretch in bed: Do some stretching exercises in bed so you don’t even have to break a sweat!

10. Eat right: Prepare a healthy dinner with ingredients you like, but not fried or too salty.

Don’t ever isolate yourself from reality. It’s good to go out for a coffee or go out to eat with a friend, something that will help a lot in exchanging views to share your problems and weaknesses. This way you will become better and you will feel calmer at the end of a difficult day. Participating in team sports or activities such as going to the movies or a party will make you forget about everyday problems. Don’t let anxiety hold you back.

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