The Real Reason Your Home Isn't Living Up To Your Expectations

Monday, August 31, 2020

 When you bought your home, you had high expectations for it. You thought it was going to be everything you could ever want. And you trusted the estate agent to provide you with a property that would fulfill your desires.

As you’ve been living in it, though, you’ve found that it continually disappoints. Something’s just not right. No matter how much effort you put into it, you find yourself daydreaming about moving somewhere else. When you think about how hard you work to pay the mortgage, it’s a tragedy. 
Once you understand the reasons for your discontent, however, things become more manageable. You can pinpoint why you’re unhappy and then take steps to remedy the situation.

The Psychological Roots Of Discontent

Sometimes the roots of dissatisfaction are entirely psychological. As humans, we have an annoying habit of forgetting our blessings. We can go for years without feeling grateful for our marriages or health, for instance. And we only realize how important those things are when they’re gone. 
The same goes for our homes. Once we have the property of our dreams, it fades into the background, and new problems in our lives come to the fore. We forget how much our houses help us live enjoyable lives. And we start seeing all their faults, instead of the positives. For instance, there might be a moldy tile in the bathroom. We forget about our spacious kitchen or the convenient location.

The Lack Of Proportion
The second problem people have with their homes is a lack of proportion. We tend to think that pretty much all furniture is good for our accommodation. But different size bedroom sets will look out of place unless you put them in a room of the right size.

So what’s the deal here? Lack of proportion can make you feel cramped in your property. You never have enough space for all your things. And if you do, then you can’t walk around freely through gangways.

You Have Changed As A Person

Here’s another reason your home isn’t living up to your expectations: you changed. Perhaps when you first bought your property, you were a student fresh from university. Anything back then was a step up from student digs.

Now, though, you’ve had a taste of the good life, and you’re starting to see all your property’s faults. Changing as a person can alter the type of house you need. Maybe you need more space for new hobbies. Or perhaps you have more friends these days and need extra space for entertaining them.

Your Family Situation Changed
Finally, your family situation might have changed, and that could be driving your need for a new property. When kids come along, it puts a massive amount of pressure on your property's physical space. You need space for all their paraphernalia - and it just might not be there. 
If your home isn’t living up to your expectations, change it. And if you can’t start looking for somewhere else that might offer better living.

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