Separating Being A Mom From Being A Teacher

Saturday, August 22, 2020

 If you’re someone who’s interested in homeschooling your children, and you want to be sure they’d look at you in the same way they would a teacher in the classroom, you might be a little worried right now about your chances of being an authority figure. You’re already their mom, yes, but can you be their teacher tool?

Being a mom is one thing, but being a teacher is another - how do you get the two to work? It’s not as hard as you might think, and sometimes, all you need to do is look at this situation with a slightly different perspective. Why not let us help you do just that with the points below?

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Structure Your Learning Environment

A structured learning environment is all about setting up your homeschool classroom right. Is there a focal point, such as a whiteboard to write on? Are there textbooks to read out of? Do your kids have plenty of materials to make use of in order to take down notes or fill in worksheets? And of course, is there a uniform? Take a look at these school spirit shirt ideas for coming up with a standard form of dress for your kids to wear, and they’ll soon start to associate their time with you during the mid morning to early afternoon weekday as teacher time. 

Make Lessons More Involved

Approach subjects as a parent, rather than a teacher, and do something with your kids that they’d love to do outside of the classroom as well. Let them associate teaching time with fun time, which’ll help them to pay attention and retain information, and your skills as a mom will come more in handy than ever. So, give your kids something they want to do as a way to learn some very important information, such as Math, Science, or English. 

For example, have some hands on lessons involving woodworking or textiles, that require a lot of measurements, as well as adding up and subtracting. That’s your Math covered! Not to mention you’ll have to run through why you’re using these materials, and how the outside environment affects them, and that’s where the Science portion comes in. And for English, well, it’s always nice to dress up and put on plays about the texts you’re reading through, and kids love to act. 

You’re in the Perfect Position to Encourage

As their mom, you’re in the perfect position to encourage your kids to learn and pick up as many skills as possible. You’re always going to be the best person to give them support and a bit of a push to go on to achieve their dreams, and that’s important to remember when you’re homeschooling them. Even when you’re their mom, and you want to be the person they turn to at all times (and if you feel being their teacher as well might discourage that), you can adjust how you teach them to ensure they’re always enjoying their time.

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