6 Collections Of Essentials For COVID 19

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The current pandemic has greatly changed their lives. Apart from maintaining social distancing at public places, health guidelines by WHO prompts people to use appropriate safety measures both inside and outside their homes.

So, suddenly there is a surge in the global demand for sanitization products. There are long queues of people outside supermarkets who want to stock the basics for emergencies and a lock-down.

You might have seen trending videos of people getting into fits or even fights over toilet paper and hoarding sanitizers. Amidst such chaos, it is clear that there are some new additions to our list of essentials beyond food and beverages termed as COVID 19 essentials.

Here is a comprehensive list of such essentials with a weblink from where you can source them. Because of erratic demands, you may find some item out of stock, you can always check back after a while.
1. Three-ply Disposable Mask
It is essential to cover all exposed parts of your body. Therefore a  three-ply surgical mask has become one of the most sought after essentials if you are stepping outside of your house. Though you may find multiple fancy and cotton masks on the market, they may cover your mouth and nose but they do not stop viruses and bacteria from entering. A three-ply disposable mask can be a great option as it contains three layers that work particularly well in holding germs from outside. The middle layer of these masks consists of a melt-blown layer that acts as a filter, while the innermost layer absorbs moisture and the outermost layer repels water.

2. Infrared Thermometer
A rise in body temperature is one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection. The traditional thermometers that require physical contact can risk the spread of the virus itself. So, while you are making your list of essential items, make sure to add an infrared thermometer to keep a check on fevers should they develop.

3. CBD Oil
During the time of a crisis, your mental health is in distress too. The alarming situations and economic meltdown are leaving us all susceptible to stress and worry. People with unstable mental health and psychological issues are the ones who may suffer more anxiousness than usual. Many of us do not wish to rely on medication and are looking for a natural alternative, CBD oil can be a great add on as it helps restore peace and balance. It doesn’t have psychoactive properties and helps reduce stress and anxiety. It works comprehensively to boost your immunity and digestive health, thus offering plenty of benefits for your daily regime. High Supplies makes pure CBD oil you can trust them for your products.

4. Handheld Disinfectant
It is impossible to disinfect all your surrounding surfaces with a liquid disinfectant. It can be draining as it requires a lot of work. There can be several other things that require your attention and the convenience of a sterilizing UVC lamp can ease your work and let you disinfect dry surfaces like your bedding and linens without creating a mess.

5. Alcohol Wipes
You may come in contact with surfaces that are a potential source of COVID-19 as they have been touched by numerous people in a day. The buttons of the escalators and seats of public transport. While you may want to frequently rub sanitizer on your hands, a sheet of alcohol wipe can help you clean frequently touched surfaces easily.  You can carry alcohol wipes in your handbag or carry bag for wiping clean the handles and knobs of the places you enter.

6. Relaxation Mat
Pent up stress and less physical movement can be tolling on your health. Muscle tension and rigidity can slowly build up into back and neck pain, depriving you of comfort and can lead to insomnia. However, exercising in such instances can do more harm than good. To relieve such muscle pressure resort to a relaxing massage. A massage mat set can help relieve these signs of physical rigidity without any dangers of the proximity of another person or masseur. It is one of the safest ways to release frequent aches and pains in the body and imbibe a feeling of relaxation, which will help provide a good sleep.

The Bottom Line
Unless we find a vaccination to this disease, it is crucial to follow the health and safety guidelines for ourselves, our families, and communities. Despite several measures, coronavirus has hit many lives across the globe, and we must do the best we can to avoid the virus from spreading, which means socially distancing ourselves, wearing masks, washing hands, and disinfecting our surroundings. Let us take care of the physical as well as our mental health in these times of crisis.

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