Keep Calm And Carry Yarn! Why Crocheting Is Cool

Monday, May 18, 2020

If you think crocheting is only for your gran, you need to think again. Knitting and crocheting clubs are cropping up all over the country, with a focus on having a bit of craft fun, partaking in a glass of wine or two, and having a good old natter. Crocheting is no longer seen as an old person’s hobby - it is now viewed as a great activity to aid with your mental health. The repetitive action is great for mindfulness and can be a massively relaxing activity. Millennials are becoming aware of the joys of crocheting with many choosing a spot of yawn work over scrolling through their Facebook feed. Take a look at why crocheting is cool and why you should give it a go.

Cost Effective
In these unstable economic times, crocheting can be massively cost effective. With your favorite bit of yarn and your essential tools, you can whip up a hat, a pair of gloves or some adornments for your upcycled pinafore dress. By making your own clothes, you are reducing your carbon footprint and learning to reduce, reuse and recycle some of your old pieces. By having a thrifty mindset, you are honing your financial management skills and you may even be able to save money in the process. You could even go one step further and sell the items you have produced. Get yourself one of the many decorative baskets for crochet material storage that are available, fill it up with your favorite yarns and hooks, and get crafting.

Crocheting enables you to be creative and enjoy something that gives you a real sense of accomplishment when you have completed a project. Whether you want to make a bonnet for your sister’s newborn or a pair of gloves for your grandad, you can think about who you are making something for and inject some of their personality into your crafting. By learning a new hobby, you can get creative with colors, designs, patterns and wool types. The possibilities really are endless.

Shunning The Modern
While your pals may be online in the evenings playing the latest war horror RPG with faceless contacts from across the globe, you could be crocheting instead. This gentler pace of hobby is perfect if you want to forego the technological age if only for an evening or two. Our lives are so fast paced in the twenty first century, we need to find an activity that can give us an inner sense of calm. The peaceful repetitive nature of crocheting means you will be doing something useful and productive while keeping your mind busy. Scrolling through social media feeds and playing video games for hours on end does nothing but sap your self esteem and shatter your confidence. Forget about Instagram and opt for crocheting instead.

Crocheting, like knitting, is becoming on trend once again. Be part of the knitting revolution and learn how to crochet by following one of the many ‘how to’ clips on YouTube. And remember to keep calm and carry yarn!

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