Personalizing A Goodbye To A Loved One

Friday, April 10, 2020

Though we may not like to think about it, many of us are going to experience loss at some point in our adult lives. It may be our family, our parents, close friends, spouses, or anyone we’re connected to. Alongside the grief can come a deep need to make sure that our goodbye to them is not only respectful but also helps them be remembered by those whose lives they have touched. As such, here are some ways to make sure you say goodbye in a way that is personal and memorable.
Put a plaque somewhere special for them
One of the most important things for many people is that they have somewhere that they can be visited. A headstone is the most common option for those who have a burial, but there are plenty of people who have no such service. As such, you can look into having a memorial plaque put in place with the special memorial message. It can be put in a memorial garden at their place of worship, at a crematorium, or at any place that might have been special to them, so long as you get the permissions you need to affix it. Then anyone who wants to say their personal goodbyes or simply to visit and pay their respects has somewhere to do it.

Put together a special urn
If your loved one is cremated, then the most common way to take care of their ashes is to hold them in an urn. Much like a memorial plaque, urns are designed to be displayed and to be visited. What’s more, the family can move the urn with them from place to place, ensuring they always have their loved one there to visit and remember. With urn cremation jewelry for ashes and personalized inscriptions, you can make the urn even more special to the person for whom it is serving as a memorial. A lot of people will scatter the ashes of their loved one but still keep the urn as a memorial afterward.
Plant a tree in their honor
One idea that is becoming more popular both to the poetic nature of it, as well as the fact that it’s environmentally conscious, is that people are planting trees that are dedicated to their loved ones, often with a plaque in place to mark the tree as a memorial. Many trees can grow over several lifetimes, meaning that not only will you have a place to pay your respects and fondly remember your loved one, but their children and grandchildren will be able to keep visiting for years in the future. As with plaques and any other long-standing memorials, it’s important to ensure you get the permission that you need.

Erect a memorial photo frame
One of the advantages of saying goodbye nowadays is that many of us have plenty of photos of the person we want to say goodbye to. Not only can they serve to help us revisit our memories, especially the joyous and celebratory occasions throughout life, but they can also serve as excellent materials for memorials, as well. A memorial photo display can be as simple as choosing one photograph that best captures the personality and spirit of the person you love and choosing a good frame for it. However, if you have plenty of photos, then you can make a collage that shows a much broader look at their life. Just make sure that you try to choose photos that your loved one would like to be remembered with.
Having a park bench put up
This is not an option that will be widely available to everyone. However, if you live near a park, you and the friends and family of the loved one can request that a bench is put there in memorial to a loved one. These are often reserved for those who loved or had special significance to the park, so when you are asking permission, do not be surprised if they do not agree. However, since this is a relatively popular option, a lot of places have a process in place for you to apply for that park bench. You can have a memorial engraving or plaque put in place on the bench, as well.

Memorialize them with a verse
A memorial does not technically have to exist in the physical world. In fact, things like songs and poems can often end up being remembered much longer. Furthermore, if you do not have the money you would like to have in order to create a memorial to a loved one, then doing something heartfelt and creative can be the perfect alternative. You can either come up with a song or poem on your own or in collaboration with someone who might have a little more experience than you. It can be a wonderful thing to share at a memorial service and then you will always have something you can take with you and share in memory of your loved one.
Make a donation in their name
This is becoming a much more popular inclusion in the last will and testament of many people. Rather than having money spent on themselves, there are plenty of people who would rather see that their memory lives on to do some good in the world. One way to do this is to arrange for a collection for money to go towards making donations to a cause that had meaning to your loved one. Many organizations will have special provisions to make a memorial out of the goodwill of a passed loved one. If you cannot raise the money to do that, then you and some of their loved ones can just as easily volunteer, living out their last wishes in a helpful and practical way.

If your loved one did not leave any wishes behind detailing any memorial they would like, then do not be afraid to use your own initiative. So long as you try to think about what they would have liked, you are honoring them in your own way.

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