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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Finding the right pair of glasses can be a challenge. There are dozens of guides written about choosing the right frames to best flatter your face, with options for a round, heart, or other shaped faces. You read these guides and spend ages trying to work out what shape your face is and just end up confused, with no real idea of what will suit you.
There are a lot of myths about choosing eyewear. Lifestyle magazines would have you believe that you must know your face shape to choose frames. In reality, nobody has a face that truly matches these guides.

Some glasses manufacturers will insist that one style of glasses can suit everyone and will fit everyone. In fact, mass-produced glasses are made to fit the ‘average’ person, who of course doesn’t really exist. This is why you should have new glasses adjusted when you buy them so they fit you comfortably.

Some people think uncomfortable glasses are just something you have to put up with. This is not true either. If your glasses are uncomfortable, then they don’t fit you. If they’re sliding down your nose, pinching, touching your eyelashes, or giving you headaches, then they aren’t right.

How to actually find the right glasses for your face
Instead of thinking about your face shape, you should ask yourself some other questions. Are your features sharp and angular or soft and rounded? When you choosing frames, a good trick is to choose a frame that is the opposite of your facial features. A square or more angular face will be flattered by rounder frames, while a round face will look good with a more angular style or even mens glasses. Create balance by contrasting your features.

Is the top or bottom half of your face wider? Again, contrast your features to create balance. If your face is wider at the bottom, choose a top-heavy frame, and vice versa.

Think about the look you want to create. Most guides about choosing the best glasses are written for those who want a subtle, understated look that shows off their face without distracting from it. Not everybody wants that look, and would rather their glasses were a fashion staple that is bold and interesting. For a subtle look, follow our contrast rules. For a bold look, break them!

The next thing to consider is the color of the glasses. Think about what shades will best complement your skin tone and hair color, and what will mix in well with the colors of your clothes.

With the general shape of your new glasses decided, you need to get the proportions right. The proportions of your face and frame should match. Where are the features of your face set?

Remember your prescription
Glasses can be a great accessory, but remember that they are a medical device. If your vision is going to be helped, you may be restricted by your prescription on what shapes and materials you can choose.

If you have a standard prescription, you have a pretty free choice in style. Bifocal lenses have two different prescriptions in each lens, so your glasses will need enough room on the lens for this, so smaller styles are out. If your prescription is progressive, you need a tall enough frame for all three focal points, distance, intermediate, and near.

If you have a strong prescription, you need a thicker lens, so you might need a thicker rim to balance them out. Look for high index lenses to get a thinner lens for your prescription. High positive prescription lenses are thicker in the middle, which can cause a bug-eyed look. Choose smaller lenses to counteract this. High negative prescription lenses are thinner in the middle, which can make a thick lens show at the edge of the glasses. Choose a short frame to balance this out.

Get the fit right
Your frames should rest on your ears and nose with equal weight, and grip the temples lightly for the most comfortable feet. The width of the frames should match the width of your face from ear to ear, with no gap between the bridge of the glasses and the top of your nose. If you get this right, your glasses shouldn’t pinch, slide off, or leave sore red marks on your nose.

If you’re trying on glasses in-store, you don’t usually get very long. Check for warning signs to help you get the right fit quickly.

For your glasses to stay in place, the frame needs to hold onto something. This is why it is important to choose glasses that are the same width as your face. Nose fit is very important for a secure, comfortable pair of frames. If you get this wrong, your glasses will slide down your nose, leave indentations, and press your lashes against your lenses.

When trying on glasses, tilt your head forward and shake it from side to side. If the glasses fit, they shouldn’t slide down. If they fail this test, they don’t fit properly.

Put the glasses on and see how much pressure they put on your temples, where your glasses sit above and behind the ear. If they have passed the shake test, they could still be too tight which will soon become very uncomfortable. Remember that your prescription can change the shape of the glasses a little. If you’re not sure how this will happen, ask your optician.

If you like the look of large frames or a nose with a low bridge, then your glasses might touch your cheeks. This might not seem like a problem when you’re trying them on, but if they’re resting too heavily then this will soon become annoying. Well-fitting glasses shouldn’t steam up too often, smudge your makeup, or lift when you smile.

Are your eyelashes touching the lenses? Your prescription lenses may be thicker than the clear lens you try on, which will make them closer to your lashes. Glasses pressing on your lashes is irritating, uncomfortable, and can ruin your eye makeup.

Never Settle
Your glasses should fit you, and not the other way around. Shopping for glasses can be a long process and it can be tempting to just settle for something that will do, so you can stop looking. Remember that you’re going to wear your glasses for hours a day, every day, so it’s important to choose a pair that you like, is comfortable to wear, and suits your personal style.

Take the time to try on lots of different pairs of glasses in different shapes, styles, colors and from different brands. This is a good way to get an idea of what suits you. Even if you don’t buy in-store, go somewhere where you can try on lots of different styles, then take what you find online to find your perfect glasses. If you do buy glasses online, you can find some great savings, but try to find somewhere that will allow you to try on then send back a few different pairs so you don’t have to select glasses you haven’t tried on.

If you get the right pair of glasses, they should fit comfortably and securely so they will stay on your face without getting on your nerves, causing discomfort, or falling off. If you get the style right, your glasses will be flattering to you, go with your personal style, and be enjoyable to wear. If you like your glasses, they’ll be a great accessory as well as a medical device.

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