Your Appliances: Options if You Don’t Want to Buy New

Thursday, February 20, 2020

So many of us are making do around the house with old, out-of-date appliances. It’s admirable to continue using something so long as it’s still functional, especially in light of the efforts we’re all making to reduce, reuse and recycle to save the planet. It doesn't seem logical to purchase brand new appliances and spend all that money when we have functioning ones at home.
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If you’re the type of person who hates waste and wants to save money, it makes sense that you’d want to exhaust all options before replacing your appliances. And luckily, there are numerous options available if you’re not interested in buying brand new.

Lots of people choose to repair their appliances as opposed to replacing them. This is especially sensible for appliances that are newer, or for very popular brands with easy to find, affordable parts. For instance, brands such as Frigidaire dishwashing parts are easy to find, and generally, pretty easy to install.

In some cases, if you have a newer or more advanced appliance (such as “smart appliances” which are basically a giant computer) you may need to call a professional repair person to help. Most will pay you a visit and check out the appliance before providing you with a quote, so you can decide if the repairs are cost effective.

Purchasing Used
A quick glance at Craigslist and other sites will show you that many, many people buy and sell appliances of all types online. This has become a really common practice and it’s a practical one. Brand new, top of the line appliances can cost into the thousands of dollars. As long as the item in question is in good working order and a decent price, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying a used appliance to save money.

In addition to buying via these websites, you can also sometimes find great deals at local charity and thrift shops, such as Habitat for Humanity, and other similar stores. These items are almost always in great shape and the affordable prices will surprise you.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable - a machine will have to be tossed. If the cost of parts and repairs is more than the value of the appliance, or if it has an unfixable issue, getting rid of it may be necessary. If this is the case, please consider recycling your appliance. It is much better for the environment, and some of the wiring and other parts can be recycled and reused. You can often write these off on your taxes as donations, or in some cases, certain recycling centers may even pick up and pay you for your appliance.

Broken appliances can be stressful, but if you take the time to assess the problem, decide how it is best remedied, and choose one of the options above, you’ll be satisfied that you made the best choice for your household. After all, there are many more ways to solve an appliance problem than buying a brand new machine.

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