7+ Tools You Need In Your Home

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

It doesn’t matter whether you are a keen DIYer or only have an interest in taking a more hands-on approach to repairs in your home. If you don’t have the right tools for any particular job in your abode, you won’t make much progress.

Some people out of sheer frustration, try to carry out repairs using tools that weren’t designed to carry out the work. As a result, those folks usually end up damaging their tools, whatever it is they are trying to repair, or even both! And in those situations, they decide to call for help from a professional, spending more money than was necessary in the first place!
You are likely reading this blog post because you would prefer to get any tasks around your home done properly and using the right tools. The trouble is, you aren’t too sure which tools you should have at your disposal. To that end, here’s a round-up of the essential tools all home DIYers should have for almost any job:

1. Cordless Drill
The thing about drills is you no longer need to worry about whether you’re near a power outlet to use one. That’s because the market is awash with good quality cordless drills that have the power and battery capacity to get any job done. Take a look at to see which models offer the best value for money.

2. Claw Hammer
There’s no denying that there will be times where you need to hammer in nails or remove them. One tool that can do both jobs for you and more is the mighty claw hammer. They are affordable, well-built, and can also get used for tapping things together if you’re constructing something within your home.

3. Screwdriver Set
Of course, not everything gets nailed down in your home. Sometimes you will need to undo screws that hold things together like wood, metal, and more. You have the choice of buying individual screwdrivers, or you can purchase them in sets. The latter is a better idea, as it’s both cost-effective and gives you options when faced with different sized screw heads. It’s worth looking at the following review from

4. Pliers
As is often the case when doing any DIY work at home, you’ll sometimes find yourself needing to do two things at once. A pair of pliers is useful for grabbing hold of things or pulling them out of recesses. Pliers are also ideal for undoing nuts and bolts that have rounded heads.

5. Utility Knife
When you need to cut or score something during any DIY project at home, the last thing you want to do is use your kitchen knives. Nor would you want to use a pair of scissors! With those thoughts in mind, it makes sense to have a high-quality utility knife with a sharp blade at your disposal.

6. Ratchet Spanners
Some people might advise you to go out and buy an adjustable spanner. The thing is, they tend to undo themselves, resulting in some rounded nut or bolt heads. The answer is to use the correct sized spanners. To make life easier for yourself when loosening or tightening nuts and bolts, it makes sense to invest in a set of good quality ratchet spanners.

7. Cordless Palm Sander
At some stage, you will need to sand down surfaces to prepare them for painting. Sure, you could do it the old-fashioned way with sandpaper and a block. But, we live in the 21st century, and we don’t want to spend all day sanding down a door, for example. With that in mind, you should invest in an affordable yet highly effective cordless palm sander.

8. Laser Measure
Whether you’re fitting some new curtain rails or are planning to replace the baseboard in your rooms, there will come a time where you need to do some measuring. Many people assume it’s best to use a metal tape measure, but they are fiddly to use at the best of times. The good news is we can ask technology to give us a helping hand in the form of a laser measure!
9. Multi-Bit Driver Set
While it’s always a good idea to have a screwdriver set and ratchet spanners, you will sometimes find that you need to undo or tighten up screws with hex bits, for instance. A multi-bit driver set is a wise investment, and it’s something you can use with a cordless drill as well, believe it or not!

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