6 Meaningful Gift Ideas for your Kids Birthday

Friday, February 7, 2020

Birthdays are extraordinary events. As your child turns a year older, you try and make the day unique. You partake in the hunt for the best gift for a long time beforehand. The gift should be as unique as your child. But, the gift you select also needs to be meaningful to be remembered for a long time afterward.

The gift of a parent is unique and meaningful to a child in any case. That is the gift they look forward to the most on their birthday. You, as a parent, can make it even more significant by putting a little thought to it. It is not about how much money you spend. The significance of a gift comes from the efforts you put into it. If selected well, some gifts can help your child in the life that lies ahead. We have compiled a list of six meaningful gift ideas to help you.

1. The gift of activity
Kids these days are growing up with all kinds of gadgets imaginable. It is not an inherently bad thing; they do become techno-savvy. However, it is essential to limit screen-time. Do this without really seeming to do it. Gift your child the membership of a sports club that caters to their favourite sport. Alternatively, gift them articles that encourage them to get active, like skates or a unicycle. Boost your child’s health in this way, and this could be your secret gift. You can also join them in sports activities to further strengthen your bond.
2. The gift of travel
Yes, this is a possibility! Nothing means more to your child than quality time spent with you. If possible, book a trip for your family as a gift. It need not be extravagant. You can surprise your child with ‏the itinerary and tickets on the date of his/her birthday. You can even sneak in a geography lesson, and they won’t ever know. Additionally,Don't forget to get chocolate gifts for them that they will relish while they are wandering on the streets.

3. The gift of responsibility
Give the children gifts that will teach them to be responsible. Take, for example, a mini aquarium. They will be fascinated with the tiny living being that depends on them for survival. It will foster an understanding that they need to care for their pets. On that note, any pet can be a fantastic gift for this purpose. Their very own plants or garden is also an excellent gift to teach them to be responsible.
4. The gift of creativity
Give them gifts that encourage them to be creative. The gift should stimulate them into thinking outside the proverbial box. There are some amazing options on the market. One such gift is a widescreen light designer. Give them cookware and ingredients. Let them explore their creativity. Gift them subscriptions to online classes or clubs designed to help children get creative. Think of your gift as a Petri dish for creativity. Creative thinking skills will take them far in life. By nurturing their creativity through your gifts, you are teaching them to survive in this rapidly changing world.

5. The gift of memories
Find a way to preserve their favorite memories and gift a collection of it to them. This can be a development scrapbook or a special photo album. It could be a box of tickets to all the shows or movies you have seen together. Provide a scratch-off map on which they can find and scratch off the places you have visited together. This category of the gift is very versatile and subjective. It depends on what memories are special to you and your child together. Give him/her this gift that they can cherish for a long time. Whenever they feel low, they can go through it and smile. This type of gift will keep you close to them even when you are away. It is something to hold on to and shows them your love and efforts.

6. The gift of knowledge
It can be in the form of monthly subscriptions of a children’s digest, newspaper or magazine. A gift in this form involves the joy of recurring surprises. Kids will love this kind of gift as it will arrive individually for them every month or fortnight. One can also gift some amazing educational Games like Thomas Joseph crossword 911 to the kids. It will help in the growing vocabulary of the kids over time. You could also gift them a collection of their favourite books.

With each birthday, your child is growing up. The children require your special attention for these limited years of their childhood. Every gift you give should have the underlying message of love and attention. The price of the gift is irrelevant. The most important aspect of the present is that it comes from you, the most special person in your child’s life.

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