Heading Back to Work and College After Being a Stay at Home Mom

Thursday, January 16, 2020

For many years I have had the privilege to be a stay at home mom with my three amazing kids. Recently, I have made many changes in my life that has taken me in a different direction than I had originally been working towards. I am excited about the new path that my family’s life is traveling down and can’t wait to see what is next. With all these new life changes for my family there is adjustment periods to finding what best works for us as a family.

I can’t believe it; I have been a stay at home for 13 years and am now entering the workforce once again. All while deciding to go back to school and to further my education. During these years, I have enjoyed so much with my children while making memories that I am grateful that I got to have with my kids. From going to the pool or mall in the middle of the day to sleeping in or going to bed late just because we could, granted the latter of the two only happened if there was no school the next day.

During the time of being a stay at home mom I learned so much about myself and how to take care of everything on the home front, so my husband wouldn’t have to. I would clean the house, pay bills, do all the errands, take care of the flower beds, prepare dinner, take care of the kids, and so much more. I enjoyed making my schedule to what fit into my family’s life.

However, one thing I missed was having something for just myself. When we work, attend school, or when we do something that is fulfilling, we feel like this is for us. I also missed interacting with others and just being able to have adult conversations about things in life that you can’t or don’t want to talk to your kids about. Like the weather, a new dress, or just anything that just pops into your head. That is when I tried something new in my life, I started a mommy review blog which I have been writing on for over 10 years now. I have enjoyed writing on my blog and can’t wait to see how it continues to grow.  The end of last year I went back to school to earn a degree in Human Resources, and now I am working a full-time job as an office secretary doing a lot of duties that I will do as a Human Resources Manager.
When I went back to work, it was a sudden decision. I received an offer to work and start the same day, and I decided why not, we could use the extra money. Also, now that all the kids are in school full time it opened a daytime door to work, especially since I work during the hours that my kids are in school with weekends, nights and holidays off. I knew however that I would need to schedule and find balance in my life to make sure all my duties and being the best mom possible was still top priority.

I find using a daily planner to be helpful. I schedule everything in my daily life from paying bills, school, cleaning, work, and blogging to everything in between. With so many new changes in my family’s life, I feel that after a few weeks I have found a new balance within my life. It is also a privilege to work for a company that when my work’s done and I have downtime, I can do my college and blog, which is a huge benefit.
My typical daily schedule looks a little crazy within my planner but, everything is there and ready to be completed. Here is what a typical day looks like.

  • Wake up every weekday at 6am and clean the house. I also stick to a daily cleaning schedule which has proven to be extremely helpful when you have a hectic schedule.
  • At 7:15am every weekday I get myself ready for work and the kids ready for school. By 8:15am we are headed to the school.
  • I am at work by 9 am getting my work done. During this time, I focus only on my job. This allows me to get all my work done effectively. Sometimes I have downtime to work on schoolwork or my blog other times I must wait until after my kid’s bedtime to do my schoolwork, unless they are playing for watching a movie.
  • I get home around 4:30 and from there I do a quick cleanup around the house, make any important phone calls, the kids’ homework, cook dinner, baths and spend time with the kids. If they are playing with themselves, I take advantage of this time to either pay bills, blog, or do college.
  • By 9 pm all the kids are in bed during the week whenever on the weekends. I then can focus in a quiet home if I could not do schoolwork or write anything for my blog.
  • The weekends are my family fun times more so than the weekdays. I do try to get all my schoolwork completed within 4-5 days so that I can have 3-2 days off with no school to spend time with my family.

During this time, I have taken a step back on remodeling the home. We are still doing remodeling projects we are just paying others to complete the jobs for us.

I am very impressed with my ability to achieve all my duties every day without feeling like anything is forgotten about and put on the back burner. I feel that organizing my life within a planner and having a detailed daily plan has really helped myself and my family feel like nothing has changed within our lives, since I have become a working mom.

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