5 Great Reasons To Spend More Time Outdoors

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

So many of us spend most of our time indoors. We work in offices, stores or warehouses. We drive home or sit on a busy train. Then we spend our evenings at home watching TV. Even on days off, we shop in large indoor malls and workout in the gym. Our time outdoors might consist of walking to and from the car, and we can go days or even weeks without spending more than a few minutes at a time enjoying the great outdoors.
This is a shame. While getting outside can be difficult when we are busy, it’s certainly not impossible. Walking to work, or at least parking further away to fit a short walk in, can be a great way to start your day. Going for a run, or a long walk can be just as good for your health and fitness levels as getting sweaty at the gym, and trying outdoor hobbies, like finding the right tackle for freshwater and going fishing, or hiking with your friends, can be a wonderful way to unwind and spend time with the people that you love. Here’s a look at five of the reasons why you should try to spend more time outdoors.

You’ll Get More Exercise
The more time you spend outdoors, the more exercise you’ll get. Swapping your drive for walking is a great way to burn more calories and improve your health, but even sitting out in the garden is better for you than sitting on the sofa.

Spending Time in Nature Boosts Your Creativity
Many of us work in creative industries or have creative hobbies that we enjoy. Even those of us that don’t consider ourselves to be creative often benefit from being able to think creatively. You might be able to come up with solutions to problems at work or home, using innovative ideas. But, we all hit a creative block from time to time.

Getting out into nature is a fantastic way to boost your creativity. You’ll be surrounded by colors, scents, sounds, and different elements. It’s a great way to inspire yourself and get your brain working differently.

Getting Fresh Air is Good For Your Health
Pollution is a very real problem in the modern world, and you may worry about inhaling pollution and toxins when you are outdoors. But indoor pollution is actually worse. Outside, the air is moving and being cleaned by nature. Indoors it can become stale. If you live in a very polluted city, getting out into the country occasionally could help too.

It Will Reduce Your Stress Levels
Exercise is a great way to reduce your stress levels, so is fresh air, and being around nature can help you to put your problems into perspective. If you are feeling stressed out, go for a long walk.

You’ll Have More Energy
Reduced stress, increased exercise, adrenaline release, and more social interaction will all be great for your energy levels. Even when you are tired, getting out of the house for a little can help you to feel more alert.

Other benefits to spending more time outdoors include improving your memory, getting more sleep, a boosted immune system, and improved mood.

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