The Essential Packing List For Seniors

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Going on holiday when we get older is always a great adventure. After getting a pension or retirement fund the world is our oyster and we can go and explore the many amazing corners of the world easily, even spending holidays such as Christmas and new year overseas.

Of course travelling as a senior is different to travelling when we are young and there are a lot of helpful senior travel tips we should take on board. That’s why today we are going to take a look at some of the essential items you should pack as a senior when you go travelling.

Rolling luggage
Carrying a heavy suitcase is not good for your back, and if you struggle with joint and muscle pain often this can really exacerbate your symptoms. Choosing a rolling luggage case is a much better option for you and it will allow you to take your luggage with you easily.

An underseat bag
When travelling by planes, trains and automobiles it is important for you to keep the most essential things with you such as medicine and first aid items. These can be kept in an underwear bag for easy access.

Extra medications
If you are planning a trip longer than a few days, it’s worth packing an extra weeks’ worth of medication if you have a repeat need for it. This will ensure that if anything happens causing you to lose some medication or stay away for longer that you won’t run out of the important things you need.

A copy of your medical records
When away in a foreign country as a senior it is more likely for you to come down with an illness or suffer an injury than someone younger. As such it is important that you keep a copy of your medical records with you at all times so that the doctors can access it if they need to. You can either do this with a paper copy or have an electronic copy ready to go.

An extra pair of glasses
The worst thing that can happen when you are away somewhere unfamiliar is to lose your glasses. This is why it is so important that you bring an extra pair of glasses with you when you head for a trip so that you always have access to a pair when you need them.

A foldable walking stick 
If you use a walking stick to help you get around, you will notice when packing for a holiday that you can’t fit your regular walking stick in the suitcase. This is why it is a great idea to invest in a foldable walking stick to use for travel and it will ensure that you are able to walk around without too much assistance and enjoy your holiday independently.

Leg compression socks
When taking a flight the pressure change in the air can often cause swelling of the legs and feet. If you are prone to swelling when on ground level this could be a really uncomfortable time for you and this is why a pair of compression socks will be amazing. Bring them along on the flight and they should stop your legs from swelling up too much.

Batteries for hearing aids
For those of you who wear a hearing aid, make sure you bring along an extra battery or two to ensure that you don’t lose power and struggle to enjoy the sounds of your holiday.

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