How to Create a Mesmerizing Ambiance & Decorate Garden for Upcoming Holidays

Friday, November 29, 2019

While the interior always gets the most attention as Christmas nears, your garden is a fantastic place to show the holiday spirit as well. You can start planning it by planting some wintery flowers, or you can decorate it right there on the spot in festive vibes. If you need ideas to create a mesmerizing ambiance and decorate the garden for the upcoming holidays, here are the basic tips to give you a creative boost.
Let it shine!
When it comes to Christmas, it’s all about shine and sparkle. From string lights to DIY candle arrangements, you can’t go wrong when it comes to holiday lights in your garden. If you have shrubs and bushes, opt for net lights since they are easy to install and also will give the fairy glow to your outdoors. Placing battery-powered string lights in the mason jars and hanging them from the tree is a great way to decorate a seating area or that one tree you have in your yard.

Lantern candle holders are perfect for evenings and porch steps to shine your guests’ way to the front door. Wrap light strands around garlands, columns or railings to make the entrance cheerful and avoid using the year-round lighting which can be too bright and ruin the holiday ambiance. Add some lighted figurines and hang icicle lights on the house to highlight its silhouette. That will surely be a great outdoor decoration for the kids and also make your garden one of the most festive in the neighborhood.
A festive welcome for guests
Decorating your front door will both impress your guests and add a more festive spirit to your home. It can be something simple like an evergreen wreath hung on the doors and decorated with ornaments, bow and pine cones. Or you can turn the whole entrance into a winter wonderland that will put a smile on your guests as well as passers-by. Poinsettia plants on both sides of the door placed in tall planters will serve as an elegant welcoming squad, while a big red bow on the door will be just enough to highlight the Christmas colors.

For something little bit different, opt for a magnolia wreath with red berries or boxwood wreath with blue or purple bows and baubles. Make an arch around the door from garland and ornaments while the warm glow from candles in decorated lanterns will perfectly add to the mesmerizing ambiance. On the other hand, lavish festive arrangements with pine branches and large pine cones decorated with plaid bow and fall foliage will make any porch sophisticated.
Dress up your patio
There is something magical in sitting on your patio while the snow falls with a hot beverage in hands and enjoying the holiday scene. Take a full advantage of coziness that comes with installing folding arm awnings to turn your seating area into a mesmerizing ambiance for Christmas. Turn patio ceiling into the starlight scene by going overboard with string lights giving the space an extravagant look great for outdoor parties. Use a fruit bowl and fill it up with Christmas baubles to serve as a centerpiece on the table or make a flower arrangement with holly branches, berries, and pine.

Sequin pillows on the sofa and chairs will make the whole patio sparkle and comfy. Add faux flowers in a vase with some evergreen branches like crimson peony which will be an elegant touch for your patio side table or shelf. If you have an outdoor fireplace, decorate it with a lush garland on the mantel and place a small Christmas tree on one side with presents underneath to mimic the indoor festive scenery.
Make room for colorful plants
If you start planning your Christmas decorations early, you can plant colorful plants that will bring vibrancy to your winter garden. If you live in the region where it’s warm for Christmas, then Camellia is the perfect plant for your garden. It starts blooming in the fall and holds its flowers well into the winter giving our garden a pinkish hue.

A flowery shrub Bodnant viburnum ‘Dawn’ is maybe the perfect flowery plant for the garden. This leafless plant is full of clustered blooms hanging from the stem and spreading sweet fragrance in your garden. If you are looking for plants that do well in containers and pots then Winter heathers are perfect especially if you are looking for low-maintenance flowers. These white, pink and purple flowers will be a perfect centerpiece for outdoor tables or as decoration for the steps and walkways.
The holiday season is the time of joy and your garden can show that festive spirit as well through lighting, colors and other decorating tricks. To create a mesmerizing ambiance look for the motifs that make you happy and use them to decorate your garden for upcoming holidays. Not only will your home look lovely, but it will also join the joyous atmosphere of the whole neighborhood.

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  1. There are some really beautiful ideas there, especially the lights. I absolutely love Christmas lights.


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