Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List {Magical Holiday Gift Guide}

Saturday, November 30, 2019

I can't believe it tomorrow will be the first day of December, which starts the 25 days of Christmas. Here is a list of gift ideas for everyone from a friend or family member to even your family pet.
Skincare and Beauty
For some, living a healthy, natural lifestyle is an easy and attainable goal. For others, finding and using natural products at an affordable price point can be somewhat of a challenge. With a variety of safe, natural products from Garner’s Garden, everyone can live the naturally healthy lifestyle they deserve. Keep your skin healthy and glowing with a variety of body products from Garner’s Garden like their handcrafted, cold-pressed soaps that come in a variety of scents,  their talcum-free formula body powder, their Natural Deodorant that comes in three varieties of protection: Baking Soda Free, Regular Strength and Extra Strength, body butter and more. The body butter is an official product in the Fall 2019 BE KIND. by ellen subscription box.
While many CBD products on the market use cloned cannabis plants which weaken hemp oil’s consistency, Cannabliss Organic takes a “seed to face” approach. They only use certified organic plants grown from seed to harvest each year while using the entire plant to extract the oil. The end result is a highly concentrated form of CBD that provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties far more powerful than vitamins C and E. The brand takes their products one step further blending this full spectrum CBD oil with ancient Korean herbs to help the CBD absorb better. Cannabliss doesn’t use any water, chemicals or preservatives in their formulas. The brand uses an airless pump to keep liquids safe from oxidation and bacteria so your favorite skincare essential stays shelf stable. Rooted in everything natural, all products are packaged in eco-friendly PET plastic.
There’s a multitude of anti-aging products on the market that promise to fight wrinkles in your sleep, but there’s one problem with this concept. Our sleeping positions and pillows cause more wrinkles in addition to morning puffiness. I want to introduce you to an innovative anti-aging product that’s new to the U.S. The Sleep & Glow ($159) pillow is the first of its kind developed by cosmetologists and orthopedists in Europe to fight those nighttime wrinkles.

Health and Wellness
MoonCloth Designs, a world-class provider of luxury, sustainable hemp-influenced products and private label design offerings for hospitality brands such as Soho House, Design Hotels, and Sensei Resorts, is now offering an eco luxury bath + body consumer collection.  ‘MOMENT’, featuring hemp seed oil spa body products and hemp cloth robes, creates space and time to connect deeper with yourself and nature. This collection utilizes natural regenerative ingredients like hemp and brings sustainable product solutions to our world. Rooted in the daily practice of self-care and a love of natural beauty, MOMENT allows consumers to take home the spa experience and it aims to show the world that sustainability and high-end luxury are not mutually exclusive. The MOMENT collection offers: Moon Glow Oil, Sacred Space Mist, Tradition Hemp Silk Blend Kimono, In the MOMENT Kit, among other items.
GoFiltr ($34.00 - $76.00) has the ability to produce the most advanced ionized mineral alkaline water with electrolytes using any bottle. Imagine turning regular drinking water into ionized antioxidant alkaline water in minutes by simply adding an infuser to your reusable water bottle and filling it up. For those looking to upgrade their water experience, better hydration no longer comes in the form of overpriced bottles. GoFiltr provides alkaline and electrolyte water right in the convenience of your own reusable water bottle, fitting openings one inch or larger. Each infuser provides up to 3 months or 750 refills. Looking to keep track of your usage and refills? The GoFiltr app lets you see your optimal water intake and get notified when it’s time to replace the infuser. Need a bottle? GoFiltr offers a free 32 oz stainless steel insulated bottle with all starter sets!  GoFiltr comes in 4 varieties of filtration systems.  Look for GoFiltr on The Talk (Nov. 18) and The Doctors (Nov. 21) this month!
In the US alone, 21 million women suffer from bacterial vaginosis every year, making it the #1 vaginal health concern. Happy V’s medical team diagnosed the problems and created three distinct products that help women be proactive, not reactive, to their vaginal health: Immune Boost, Probiotic and Prebiotic+. Happy V  ($19.99+) products are vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free and non-GMO supplements made with no synthetic fillers.  Happy V has recruited the country’s top OB/GYN's, including Dr. Barry Peskin of the Cleveland Clinic, to help in the creation of their innovative supplements and to assist with their mission of promoting vaginal wellness.
Purifyou is a U.S. family-owned and operated company that prides itself on sustainability that simplifies your life. Two of its best-selling products include glass water bottles and reusable mesh produce bags, each offering a premium look and feel without a hefty price tag. The brand also offers eco-friendly mother’s and home essentials such as lunchboxes, air purifiers and pacifier cases among others.  Purifyou is on a mission to help consumers remember to grab their reusable bags before walking out the door with their “Save the Fish” keychain, an accessory that serves as a gentle reminder to grab those bags!
Quanta CBD Muscle Rub isn’t a pop culture gimmick simply including this hot ticket ingredient. It’s one of the first CBD products to be recommended by doctors and is scientifically proven to work. While Quanta was created to relieve muscles aches and pains, customers are unlocking its potential to cure more everyday ailments: tension headaches and migraines, arthritis, TMJ, menstrual cramps, toothaches and, for better sleep, apply to the balls of your feet. Simply apply a liberal amount of Quanta where you need and allow one minute for absorption. The all-natural formula is safe for all ages, including pregnant women. It comes in three different varieties in a salve consistency: original, sensitive and extra strength.

Olori offers African-inspired handbags, pouches, tees and other accessories while giving back in the process.  The Olori collection offers the functionality of an everyday purse, yet its classic, regal silhouette will remind you of a handbag Megan Markle would carry to events. Premium leather and quality African textile aside, every Olori bag pays for at least one month of education of an under-resourced girl in Africa.  Olori features a variety of leather colors and interior traditional Nigerian textile designs. Choose from an all-leather or combination of leather and textile exterior.

As women, we go through the constant struggle of wanting to wear fashionable clothing and we get frustrated when it doesn’t come in our size or isn’t made for our body type. Sisters Ellie Mecham and Bonnie Hoellein of YouTube fame understood this problem all too well, which is why they created their own brand of boutique-worthy clothing for all types of bodies. Bollie Brand was created for women offering incredible fashion options with no frump and lots of affordability. From everyday wear to swim accessories to our #1 seller the Perfect Robe, look to Bollie for the quality, staple pieces your wardrobe has been craving. Sizes range from XS to 3XL, but what truly makes this brand stand out is the concept of using the brand founders and their friends to create the fit. This ensures that all styles look good on the everyday woman in an entire range of sizes!

Food & Beverage
Selecting the finest beans on the planet and expertly roasting them, it’s no wonder you’ll find the company’s coffee varieties in 30 Michelin-starred restaurants, with 8 of its chef Patrons holding 3 stars.  You now have the opportunity to experience this balance of fruitiness and acidity, along with intense and unique flavors, right at home with Difference Coffee. Coffees which until now have been available to only the best chefs in the world are being offered exclusively to Nespresso machine owners through a dedicated online no fee Club.  Pod varieties include Panama Geisha, Wild Kopi Luwak, Hawaii Kona Champion and Jamaica Blue Mountain. Visit their website to create a free account and order coffee to enjoy.

Wanderwild has created backpacks with great features, fun prints, and the right fit for kids. Pockets where you want them, adjustable straps, and details made for kids' small fingers. Wanderwild packs are perfect for school, sports, trips and activities. Wanderwild backpacks come in three styles: The Explorer, The Wanderer and The Adventurer. Each is big on features, comfort, color and plenty of space. These backpacks have the perfect space for personalization to add a name, monogram, or initial embroidery that’s as special as they are!  And don’t forget the lunchboxes!  Wanderwild’s simple design allows you to mix-and-match your favorite punchy colors with your backpacks, or are a great standalone lunchbox for all ages. The perfect companion to our lunchbox are the lunchbox notes which are full of positive affirmations and encouragement for your children.

Pet Products
Kotes by Kobe products begin with a collection of fur donated from kind doggies from around the world. Fur that once would’ve been destined for the rubbish bin now has a new life keeping another dog warm. The parka-style Puffer Kotes contain fur from short-haired breeds. Long fur gets blended with other natural fibers and spun into yarn to make scarves and knit Kotes. Kobe knows humans like warm accessories too so they created the “Kompanion” collection, featuring matching outfits for pups and their owners.  Kobe wants to promote kindness and generosity through all aspects of his business, from encouraging fur donations to make more Kotes, to giving back through two-legged and four-legged initiatives such as donating a percentage of Kotes by Kobe profits to rescue organizations, building awareness of dogs that need rehoming and supporting other causes that benefit the less fortunate.
Accessorize your fur baby’s collar to match your personal style or customize your dog’s name tag, along with pet owner information, for functionality. Cute yet functional, brklzTM has four different collections of charms to help you create your dog’s one-of-a-kind collar. Each brklz charm’s clip is specifically engineered to make it easy to attach to the collar and stay securely, and to switch easily between collars and harnesses. For those who love their pup’s style to match their own, brklzTM  offers a trendy initial necklace and brklz set perfect for any dog mom! It contains a gold-filled necklace with your initial and a letter brkl for your fur baby. In addition to your dog’s jewelry, look to brklzTM for hue-popping collars and leashes to show off that bling! Both are made of all-weather, stain resistant and easy-to-clean BioThane flexible straps. They’re also durable to handle that dog that’s a ball of energy.
We enjoy spending time with our furry, four-legged friends, but not so much when it comes to their excessive shedding. If you experience allergies already, the last thing you want to do is clean up extra fur. The Shed Defender, the onesie that contains loose hair safely and effectively, is intended to be worn in the house, car or anywhere you don’t want dog hair, dirt, dander and allergens. Made from premium eco-friendly fabric, it’s lightweight and breathable to ensure the dog stays safe, cool and comfortable. The Shed Defender also does more: the snug fit works as an anxiety reducer by applying a gentle pressure, making dogs feel more calm, confident and secure. You can use the Shed Defender instead of the cone of shame to cover wounds, surgical sites and hotspots and it helps with allergies and skin conditions.
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