Fun Ideas for After the Thanksgiving Feast

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Are you are planning a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving get together? What happens after the big feast? Below you will find fun unique items and ideas. Check out these new games, a Peanut Butter bar dessert (with a new take on Chex Mix with PBfit Pumpkin Spice), a coffee bar, and more.
Games are a must for some friendly competition after the big feast.  Create laughter and lasting memories with brand new games that are sure to be instant classics.  The creators of the widely popular games “Llamas Unleashed” and “Unstable Unicorns” have created a new fan favorite, “Runes & Regulations”.  Runes & Regulations is a strategic card game that combines the aggressiveness of a horde of dragons with the passive-aggressiveness of a suburban unicorn. Maybe dice games or word games are more your thing, the makers of the #1 game on “What Do You Meme?” have recently introduced Party Bowl & Doubles! These games bring high pressure rounds of fun for any group of friends.
Create a Peanut Butter Bar for dessert. If you are in charge of dessert but let’s face it, we can’t all be Martha Stewart, create a memorable dessert table with some sliced apples, yummy crackers, chunks of a fresh baguette and an assortment of delicious gourmet peanut butters from bNutty.  With gourmet combinations like Cinnamon Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Brownie...your peanut butter bar will be a real crowd pleaser!  Mix up some Pumpkin Spice Muddy Buddies (a new take on Chex Mix) with PBfit Pumpkin Spice.  Bring along a selection of gourmet chocolate bars from Happy Day Brands to dip in the chocolate or if by chance someone doesn’t like peanut butter (gasp!). Each bar is hand-crafted with special care, using only the highest quality socially conscious chocolate available in a wide variety of flavors like Caramel Sea Salt Pecan, Coconut Almond and even Beer Chocolate.
A great cup of coffee or tea is a must for after dinner, so give your guests some fun mix-ins for their cup of Joe. Brew up some smooth coffee with Happy Day Brands’ fair trade coffee.  Create a post feast “ceremony” with the Ceremony Tonic from Moodbeli. Anindulgent and activating blend of raw cacao, matcha green tea, and maca root to inspire focus, mindfulness, and shared ceremony. Or froth up some non-dairy Oatsome. It's deliciously drinkable, fantastically frothable and without dairy, nuts, added sugars or anything artificial. Offer Keto Coffee options with Coconut MCT Oil from Better Body Foods.  Find the recipe here.
Just for good laughs....
Bring along some protection…..for the Pinot.  Wine Condoms are the original innovators of the edgy wine bottle stopper that has created a worldwide phenomenon! Packaged and applied like a condom, this spill proof solution to storing an opened bottle of wine is the safest and most effective product for preventing unplanned spillage.  Unlike corks or decorative stoppers, Wine Condoms seal flush with the rim for easier fridge shelf storage.  Wine Condoms are made from 100% food grade latex rubber and can be used more than once.

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