Bitsbox Coding Subscription Deluxe Box Review/Giveaway {Magical Holiday Gift Guide}

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Is it just me or are kids these days extremely tech savvy?  When we were kids, we were lucky if we even had a game system in the home. It is amazing to see the vast knowledge kids develop at such a young age when it has to do with electronics. One way technology has helped our kids is the availability of learning. Kids can download a learning app and, before you know it, they are learning how to read, count, learn colors and so on. Have you ever just sat and wondered about how many apps are available? A recent study revealed that Android alone offers around 2.8 million apps for its users. Apple has around 2 million for its various “i-devices”. That is a crazy high number, so crazy that is hard to believe, and to think that this number will continue to grow and grow.
Have you ever wondered how these apps come to life? These days, programmers and software developers are using software coding “languages” such as Javascript, HTML, and more to bring their apps to life. These days people of all ages from children to adults can learn how to code and develop and app. With BitsBox kids can learn to do just this in a fun and educational way. It is the perfect way to learn the basics about coding, especially for a kid. It is so fun to learn how to code from this, that adults enjoy it too! 
Bitsbox is a monthly subscription box loaded with fun exercises for kids to learn how to code and customize apps. Bitsbox works best for kids ages 6-12. Each app you learn how to code which is written in Javascript. Each line of code is typed by your kid themselves, then they can customize the app. If, for example, the code instructions said to add the color green, you can change the color red if you would like. Or, maybe the app said to add a pizza, you can add a sandwich instead.
We have had the opportunity to review our Bitsbox subscription box for a few weeks now and coding with it has been a blast. We have previously reviewed for BitsBox before, but my little girl is now 6 years old, so she was able to have fun with the review this time. Honestly, when we first received our Bitsbox to review, I had no idea what to expect. My little girl loves spending time on the computer and her iPad. Not just to play games and watch videos, but she loves all her learning apps. I knew she would have a blast learning how to code because she is one that wants to know how everything works.
When my little girl opened the box, she was ready to start coding. I was pleasantly surprised to see al that came with in the Bitsbox. There were tons of goodies that wasn’t in our previous box. Included was the animal house set 1 app coding cards (each one for a different app), the app keeper to hold all your accessories that come with the Bitsbox, several sheets of stickers, a sheet of tattoos, trading cards, and a paint by stickers zoo animals’ book.
When you are ready for your little one to learning how to code simply head to the Bitsbox coding website and sign into your account that you create. On the website, there is a tablet on the screen that stores all the apps that you make on it. When you want to create a new app you simply push the ‘New App’ button. There is also a home button you push to take you back to your home screen on the tablet.
The coding is simple to follow and copy onto the Bitsbox website to create the app.  I like that the coding is already completed, and all your kid must do is follow the code exactly, copy, and type it. The more difficult part is provided on the coding cards. With the repetitive approach of reading and typing I feel is better suited for a young child, it allows them to learn how coding works at a functional level. This keeps them from getting distracted and frustrated in trying to figure out the code. This helps with the initial understanding. For example, the code: fill (‘lava planet’) tells the app to have a background that fills the whole page to look like a planet with lava on it. This can be altered and customized to something different like a solid color blue, or maybe the ocean. The specific code can be learned later, but the idea of how it all works is made clear and understandable for a child to learn.
 I think it is great that you can customize the app and make it your own. This teaches kids to explore their imagination. Each app will also make suggestions to change things like what the monster says, a color, or what happens, giving them ideas to improve their app.
Lillian is 6 and she is loving the Bitsbox! I love the apps she is creating is hers forever and can be accessed through the website for free with your Bitsbox purchase. The apps that your kids develop can be played on their actual phone or tablet. This allows you to see the app being played in app form not coding form.
The Animal House theme box was so much fun. The Super Cards were full of different apps with different challenges. Included is a card that displays the apps included, this is where you can add the provided stickers to keep track of the apps you have completed. 
Our box also provided a Grown Up’s Guide to help introduce parents and kids to plotting coordinates such as using the x and y-axis. Each app does provide practice in using coordinate to place objects precisely. Lillian did struggle a little with this concept, but if a child is older, they are more likely to understand this step. My older kids and myself helped Lillian with these steps.
If you have more than one child, they can each have their own account and create their own apps on Bitsbox. This makes it great for the whole family. If you don’t have any experience in coding this is such a great way to learn how to code for kids, (or adults), I had fun with it myself. This is such a great way to spend time with your kiddos doing what kids like to do which is playing on electronics.
Lillian has loved every moment coding with Bitsbox. I am very impressed with how Lillian caught on. Not only is she learning how to code, but she is learning how to type and follow steps to the goals in the projects.  As a mom, I know how great this can be for her future, especially if she decides to pursue a career in programming.
The behavior of curiosity and learning that happens as a result of asking questions is precisely what BitsBox offers: A rare product with a lifetime of benefit for your children.

You can choose from three different Bitsbox options:
  • Basic Bitsbox $24.95/month
  • Deluxe Bitsbox $37.95/ month
  • Digital Bitsbox $16.95/ month
With the holiday season approaching, I am sure you and your kiddos would love to spend time together learning how to code. This is such a great gift for the holiday season. You can use the code DRAGONFLY for $20 off any subscription purchase of $50+. The coupon is only valid November 10-23rd. The winner of the giveaway will receive a Bitsbox Coding Deluxe Box.

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