A Few Steps Towards Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Friday, November 22, 2019

Skincare might be overwhelming and intricate. The many products available on the market that claim to be the ultimate solution to skin problems make people try various products in vain.
Stress, the kind of food you eat, sleep deprivation, and free radicals are amongst some things that reduce the radiance of the skin. However, with some steps, you will be able to achieve beautiful and glowing skin. Isn’t this amazing? Read on to know-

1. Eat food rich in antioxidants 
Typically, different kinds of foods affect how the skin glow. It is advisable to eat more berries, nuts (walnuts & pecans), and grapes. All these foods contain polyphenols like resveratrol and ellagic that fight free radicals to help shield the skin cells from harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV rays).
Usually, damage by UV rays can reduce the elasticity of the skin to cause premature aging. Also, UV rays can penetrate the outer skin layer into the inner layers, where they will kill the skin’s cells. The results are wrinkles and sunburns.

Luckily, you can incorporate foods rich in antioxidants in your daily diet. Besides such foods, it is also prudent to eat foods like oily fish and vegetables that are rich in omega-3. Lack of or insufficient amounts of nutrients like vitamin B12 and iron may lead to sallow, pale skin.

Thus, get adequate amounts of such nutrients in the diet. A study reveals that vegetable and fruit consumption can represent the safest method to help maintain a balanced diet as well as youthful-looking skin.

2. Cleanse the skin regularly 
The process of achieving luminous complexion involves removing debris such as pollution particles, oil, and dirt that may block the skin pores, leading to a dull look. Wash the face in the morning and apply a small amount of your preferred face cleanser.

Massage the cleanser on the skin lightly with fingers. It is advisable to start from the inside of your face out to make sure that you massage every part.

Also, repeat this procedure in the evening before sleeping. Make sure that you cleanse the face regularly to achieve the best results.

3. Use natural oils on the skin
Most people do not know the type of oil they should apply to their skins, particularly their faces. Nonetheless, non-comedogenic oils might help remove substances from skin pores, moisturize the skin, and decrease the production of sebum.

Usually, oils like grapeseed oil and almond oil are useful in moisturizing the skin. Jojoba oil is a multi-functional oil since it normalizes the production of sebum. It is beneficial for oily and acne-prone complexions.

Fortunately, you can use jojoba oil as a cleanser and as an eye makeup moisturizer and remover. Apart from the skin, eyelashes also improve how a person looks. So, are your eyelashes sparse, fragile, and breakable?

If yes, then do not worry because Revitalash UK helps with such issues. It is an eyelash conditioner that renews the vitality of eyelashes.

4. Clean makeup brushes 
Sponges and brushes can collect bacteria and dirt, which might cause breakouts. Thus, washing them helps achieve better skin.

Wash foundation brushes once in a week and loose powder brushes every 2-3 weeks. Mix a few drops shampoo or gentle facial cleanser and warm water in a cup, then swish the brushes around. Using lukewarm water, rinse them, pat dry, and air dry.

5. Get outdoors 
Like makeup, outdoor activities also help achieve rosy cheeks and glowing skin. It is a natural method since fresh air and some sunshine is great for the skin. Exercise is responsible for improving skin complexion by boosting circulation that helps to lessen stress and nourish skin cells.

Combining these tips with outdoor workouts like jogging, cycling, or walking leads to beautiful skin. Also, a relaxing exercise like yoga helps the skin to glow.

6. Cut out cigarettes and alcohol
Alcohol and cigarettes are amongst the worst enemies of the skin. Since everyone wants to keep off wrinkles, it is wise to reduce the consumption of alcohol and smoking.

Doing so helps realize youthful, glowing skin. Smoking usually deprives the skin of nutrients and oxygen, and irritates it, robbing the skin of its healthy radiance. Also, it causes premature aging.
Alcohol deprives the body of the crucial nutrients and causes the skin to dry out. It also leads to puffy eyes. Therefore, for beautiful, glowing skin, stop smoking, and reduce drink in moderation.

7. Relax 
Relaxing helps combat stress that, in many undesirable and unfortunate ways, affects the skin. Besides sleep deprivation, stress can exacerbate various skin problems like acne and eczema. A study shows that chronic stress might disrupt the working of the skin’s permeability barrier, which prevents the loss of crucial fluids from skin cell layers and keep out destructive substances. Such kind of disruption might lead to many skin diseases.
Thus, engage in some stress-improving techniques, including yoga and meditation, to fight stress and manage stressful situations. Doing so helps prevent skin issues for beautiful skin.

8. Hydrate 
Drinking enough amount of water each day helps achieve beautiful skin. Water clears toxins that might cause blemishes and inflammation.

As well, water leads to a skin that appears fuller because the hyaluronic acid present in the skin is responsible for pulling in and holding water to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Take about eight or more glasses of water in a day for radiant, healthy skin. Fresh fruit juice, coconut water, etc are some of the other ways to hydrate.

Because the skin is the largest organ it suffers from both extrinsic and intrinsic factors. Thus, in one way or the other, you may have some skin issues. Even so, it is possible to achieve and maintain beautiful and glowing skin. How? The above steps help address some of the skin issues for a better complexion.

Besides, it is crucial to talk to your dermatologist and avoid changing your skincare products frequently. All these ensure that your skin glows the way you want.

Disclosure: Thank you Jessica Smith for the article. I only recommend products, tips, or services I use or would use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Your opinions may vary from my opinions. You can also go here and read my PR and Disclosure Policies.

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