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Sunday, October 20, 2019

A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing, watching them pretend and create problems to solve can be fascinating. There is a lot going on when a child plays pretend, a lot of behind-the-scenes development. When a child plays creatively, they tap into their greatest potential, and without realizing it, they operate the mechanism which drives their growing maturity. Playing with other kids, solving problems, and creating new possibilities; these all translate directly into life skills working with others, these are valuable social skills.
 All my kids enjoyed playing pretend when they were young. Lillian my youngest still loves to play pretend and make up a world around her. GoFunFace! offers an impressive selection of different masks: there is a T-Rex, a lion, a monkey, and a dragon, for example, and these are just a few of the options available. With these masks and your imagination, the possibilities are endless!
GoFunFace! offers seventeen designs to choose from. My kids received two of the dragons; one red and one green. Each mask is made from durable, washable, foam rubber. They are uniquely designed pieces of art that are meant to be played with and enjoyed. Each mask can be sized to fit a child or an adult, allowing it to become a part of that person’s physique and avoiding problems commonly like obstructing eyesight. There is a design to suit every occasion.
These masks are great from the imagination they spark to their durability. I like that they adjust easily which allows the masks to fit all ages. My kids were thrilled we received the dragons as they LOVE, them. I don’t know about all the masks but specifically, the dragons come with a tab under the mouth. When you pull the tab, the mouth moves up and down allowing the kids to pretend to roar.
It is nothing to walk into a room and find my youngest Lillian wearing one of the masks. Even if it is to just watch tv. These masks were enjoyed by everyone in the family. Now I need to get my husband the Bronco’s GoFunFace! mask to wear when he is watching Football.
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