VOLO Microfiber Hair Towel Review {Magical Holiday Gift Guide}

Saturday, October 26, 2019

As we welcome the cold weather back into our lives, we also welcome in the holidays. Before we know it there will be carols, decorating, shopping, and eating big family feasts. During this time, I start making my gift list for all my loved ones. When it comes to the women and girls on my list, beauty and hair products always seem to be a huge hit. I prefer to get items that are useful and unique, something that their skin and hair will be thankful for.
When it comes to the holiday’s flawless hair is on our minds. One product that is a must-have for ourselves but all the women on our list is the VOLO towel. This is a super-soft microfiber towel that absorbs 10x its weight in water and reduces your dry time by half! It also reduces frizz and is soft and is larger than its competitors on the market! One other major thing that sets VOLO apart is their snag-free gripping strap!
I am so excited to share with you this amazing hair towel. Of course, I have all sorts of towels that I already use to wrap my hair in. Unfortunately, body towels, in my opinion, do not make great hair wraps. It never fails, I bend over and my towel comes undone. I then must rewrap my hair. Traditional towels do not seem to stay in place. The VOLO towel does the opposite. It stays in place with ease allowing me to bend over, jump, run, dance, which yes, you must do all those sorts of things when you have kids.
The VOLO towel is SO soft and feels great against my skin. My little girl loves to use this towel as much as I do because of its softness. I have always said my hair retains water, and never wants to let the water go. This towel has helped with the dry time, as it is a microfiber towel. You can tell the difference in your drying time.
The size is AMAZING! I have hair that is thick and very long. This towel is sized for all hair lengths. What makes this towel great is the grip-free gripping strap. On the back of the towel, you slide the ends of the towel into the strap and it grips the ends. This helps keep the towel in place. In case you want to dance or anything.
If you are unsure what to get someone this holiday season, I would suggest the VOLO towel. They will be thanking you.

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