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Monday, October 21, 2019

ISBN:  978-1944068844
Author: Louis Sauvain
Price: $18.95 Paperback | 480 pages
Age Range: Teen, Young-Adult
Available: Amazon

In this debut high fantasy epic, author Louis Sauvain creates an ensemble of unique characters who endure precarious situations on the road to the Collegium Sorcerorum, the College of Sorcerers. This first in three separate trilogies is set in the Dark Ages where Silvestrus of Somerset, Master Sorcerer, seeks apprentices with latent gifts. His first protégé and the protagonist is Thaddeus, who at age 14 shows great potential.  They set out for the College in a cart pulled by the sentient mule, Asullus.  As they travel, the mule befriends the young boy.  Along the way, they are joined by two others -- Anders of Brightfield Manor, a scholar, and Rolland of Fountaindale, a thief.

To be a sorcerer, enumerates Silvestrus, one must have the inborn talent and the strength of Belief. Any Sorcerers desire can take shape in the present world exercised by sheer will alone. However, he adds with caution, with each use of Sorcery a Sorcerer's life span is shortened by an unknowable amount.

Young men discovering their talents of sorcery see themselves as invincible, a shortened lifespan seems little sacrifice. Then Silvestrus adds one last requirement -- before you can command the use of Sorcery, a selected youth must first be joined in true love. This act of oneness must transcend youthful urges or one's soul can be lost forever.

In this first volume of the College of Sorcerers Series, on the night of the celebration of the solstice, Thaddeus beholds a vision of the formation of the Earth in the Cauldron of Creation.’  He learns that Demons are responsible for this violent act, which accounts for the imperfections found in their invention.  He also learns these same Demons lie trapped inside the Earth's crust ever striving to break free so they may devour their sole rival for power over the Earth -- Mankind. It becomes clear that these new apprentices are to fulfill a prophecy set in motion long before their lives began. As they reach the College of Sorcery Thaddeus knows that he is home.

{Written by my daughter Dominique}

Thaddeus of Beewicke is a fantasy novel written by Louis Sauvain. It's about a young boy whose whole way of life changes when he is apprenticed to the mystical sorcerer Silvestrus. He then goes on a fantastical journey towards the Collegium Sorcerorum with the sorcerer and his talking mule Asullus. Along the way, he meets a lot of intriguing folks, including two other apprentices. They would be Anders, a polite yet educated child from Meadsville and Rolland, a young but streetwise thief from Fountaindale. As they make their way towards the Collegium Sorcerorum, mysteries and dangers arise, including a peculiar prophecy, curious curses, and strange spells. The path ahead may be hard and long, but Thaddeus and his newfound brothers are ready to take it all on in order to keep their world safe from the foul creatures hiding inside it.

Okay, so I feel like words don't do justice to how much I love this book, but I'm going to try my best to describe how much I loved it. This book was hard to put down, and the author did an amazing job of building the world these characters live in. They have their own language, which is noticeable in the name of the college the main characters will be attending, and they added a good amount of history for the characters to discuss. On the note of characters, I loved almost every single one of them. Rolland the street thief was certainly my favorite, although his behavior wasn't always the most savory. However, Asullus the talking mule was certainly a close second due to his caring nature and kindness, both of which are masked by his foul language and fouler attitude. As for Thaddeus, he managed to be more than just the main character, which can't be said for all novels. In fact, the only character I genuinely disliked was Silvestrus, which is most likely my fault rather than his. He seems wise and relatively understanding, but some of his actions are just unsavory, although that could just be the rebellious teenager in me. Also, I would recommend this book for teenagers instead of children. There isn't anything too explicit, but there is language and some rather disreputable content. However, none of this would be a problem for a teenager, and a fair amount of it could go over your head. Overall, I'd say that this was a fantastic novel, and I can't wait to continue this series!

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