Parker Plum and the Journey Through the CATacombs Review

Friday, October 4, 2019

Title: Parker Plum and the Journey Through the CATacombs
ISBN:  978-1944882433
 Author:  Billie Pavicic| Illustrator: Madeline Timm
Price: $10.95 Paperback | 32 pages
Age Range: 5-6 years | Grade Level: Kindergarten - 3

When the new kid in class, Skyler Blue, wows everyone with tales of wild adventure riding camels, exploring pyramids, and going on safari it leaves Parker Plum feeling small, insignificant, and plain old ordinary. To Parker s surprise, it s him, not Skyler, who encounters a mystical black cat during the class field trip. Can this furry feline convince Parker to start thinking like a C-A-T and realize he s just as special and interesting as everyone else? Journey Through the CATacombs is an entertaining and insightful look at dealing with envy and finding self-worth.


Parker Plum and the Journey Through the CATacombs is a story about how kids can fell ordinary but want to feel extraordinary. Parker Plum is a boy that's excited about his field trip to the mummy museum. Due to all his vast knowledge of mummies and Egypt, he couldn’t wait until the trip to impress all his friends with his knowledge. On the day of the field trip, a new student arrives in their class, Skyler Blue. He is not too impressed with the museum, due to him traveling with his family which allowed him to explore a real pyramid and ride a real camel. All the students are so impressed with his stories. In return, no one pays much attention to Parker which makes him feel jealous, sad, and small. During the trip, he makes a new friend with a mystical cat who teaches him to think like a cat by using CAT.

C: Consider the things you do well
A: Accept that everyone has strengths and weaknesses
T: Try to focus on the things you can change

It is hard sometimes to get our kids and sometimes ourselves to see how special we are. To see that we are as interesting as everyone else. We are all unique individuals, not one of us is like the other. We each have something amazing to bring to the table. This is a great book to help teach our kids about being jealous while turning it around to find our own self-worth. Honestly, the world would be very boring if we would all happen to be the same. As somebody wise once said, nobody normal ever accomplished anything in this world.

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