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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Shopping and buying things that we need looks totally different than it did a generation ago. Where we shop, how we receive what we purchase, the types of items and innovations, all of these things have changed in a lot of ways throughout the years. Just take hair care products as an example. Have you ever heard of customizable haircare products? Lately, I have been looking into the haircare products that are designed with your specific hair in mind. I hadn’t tried any of them before, so it was really exciting to be contacted by Formulate, who reached out to me with the opportunity to test their product and spotlight it here. This was my opportunity to try a new take on a traditional hair-care product. One that is tailored for my type of hair. During my review Formulate was kind enough to send me a bottle of their shampoo and conditioner.
I have tried many different shampoos and conditioners. I always just tried different brands until I found the one that worked best for me. Occasionally, I will try something new and maybe upgrade depending on the results I experience. One problem I tend to have is that my scalp sometimes appears almost greasy (although it isn't), even if I wash my hair thoroughly. My hair is thick but lies flat and can be hard to volumize, so I need something to help with that. I also use a straighter or waver daily so I like to purchase products that will help repair my hair and protect it from that heat.
First off, I want to share just how committed Formulate is to their customers. They are excited about the company and their products. You can tell from their level of energy, attention to detail, and enthusiasm toward the product they represent, that they are a genuine team with an excellent product and service. Before I even had received my Formulate haircare products, I was excited for the opportunity to try them. This was mostly due to the level of interaction and information I received throughout the process.
To ensure you select the most optimal Formulate haircare product for you, there is a product customization process. The online detailed questionnaire on the Formulate website covers everything from issues you want to be solved, hair history, hair goals, to even the scent you prefer. When I say you get personalized haircare products from Formulate the products truly are custom made from the information that you answer on the questionnaire. After this process is complete you purchase and receive your shampoo and conditioner nicely packaged at your address. Shipping is adequate to ensure delivery without disaster, which is a huge plus dealing with these types of products.
Now to cover the one huge question that hasn’t been answered. Does it work? My answer is simple, YES. Yes, it does. My concerns of greasy looking hair and flat thick hair are hardwired into my brain from years of struggling to maintain a certain look. With Formulate, I have noticed that my hair looks clean and healthy without looking greasy. Even if I wash my hair just before bed, I do not deal with that awful, greasy, look. When it comes to my thick hair looking flat and dull, I feel that Formulate has given new life to my hair. My hair is more manageable, when I fix my hair it looks more flowing with volume, more alive. My hair feels and looks smooth and healthy.

I couldn't be happier with the results that I have experienced from my personalized Formulate hair care products. I am by no means claiming that this will be a miracle product for your hair, but I am saying that I personally have had better results with these products than with any others I have tried before. I love the results. With the price of $49 for the set, I know that I am getting my money's worth when I purchase these items in the future.

I am very excited to share with you the opportunity to win a full-sized set of our customized shampoo and conditioner from Formulate. All non-winning entrants will receive an invite with $5 off coupon! Giveaway is only open in the US and ends on November 9, 2019. GOOD LUCK! 

Click the image below, to be directed to the giveaway! 
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