Wizards and Werewolves Game Review

Thursday, September 26, 2019

I can’t believe that summer is over, and Fall is already here! It may not feel a lot like Fall yet but it is officially here. During this time of year, we often spend a lot of time outside in the evenings. We love to sit around the fire pit, roast hotdogs, and marshmallows. We also have a projector night occasionally. Being outside at night when the air is chilled but not frigid is so peaceful and relaxing. Recently, my family had the opportunity to work with Starlux games and they were kind enough to send my family the game Wizards &Werewolves ($59.99) which was perfect for playing outside at night.

Wizards & Werewolves is a fun game that makes you feel like you are part of a magical adventure while playing tag in the dark. With this game you need at least 4 people to play. You get to hunt, hide, and run. Let me tell you I don’t know if I have ever run so hard! I really got a workout with this game. 

During the game, you can either choose to be a wizard or a werewolf. The game comes with 4 field markers that you set up on the corners of your perimeter. This is the limit of the playing area. During the game the wizards wear armlets that show you are a wizard. These armlets light up. The werewolves hide the crystals in the perimeter and guard them. The wizard’s goal is to find the lite up crystals and destroy the alpha while breaking the curse.
If you get a bit (tagged) by a werewolf you click the button on your armlet to have the light blink. You can be saved from turning into a full-blooded werewolf by other wizards. If you get a bit (tagged) again you then turn off your armlet and are now a werewolf. This game includes three levels and includes character cards, "star crystals", wizard armlets, and more.
This game is so much fun to play. We have played this multiple times and every time we have a blast while getting a huge workout. With fire-pit time here I can see this game being played many more times. I can even see my family enjoying this game when we are playing in the snow. My family loves to play outside at night in the snow and now we will have something new and fun to do. 

Starlux Games was featured on the Today Show and won the Game of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine in the outdoor game category!

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  1. I love the wristbands. This game looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!


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