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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Title: How Did You Miss That?: A Story Teaching Self-Monitoring
ISBN:  978-1944882457
 Author: Byran Smith| Illustrator: Lisa Griffin
Price: $10.95 Paperback | 32 pages
Age Range: 5-8 years | Grade Level: Kindergarten - 3
Available: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

When he rushes home after an exhausting night of baseball, the last thing Braden wants to hear is Mom and Dad harping about everything he must finish on his to-do list. Of course, they wouldn't be on his case if he actually paid attention and did what he needed to do. From chores at home to questions on a quiz, Braden never checks his work for mistakes or to see if he missed anything. Is there a solution to his sloppiness? Yes. But will Braden be willing to try it? Can he become a master of self-monitoring?


My son has ADHD and has issues in certain areas of his life. Organizing, forgetfulness, staying on task are a few of his struggle areas. I am always looking for new techniques that will help him. I have learned that if something works for me doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for my son. So, I am always open to new ideas that I can put in place into my son’s life to help him with his everyday issues. ‘How Did You Miss That?’ is a great book for you to read to your child or have them read to themselves, due to the helpful tips.

In the story, you meet a boy named Braden, and he tends to forget to complete tasks. Yet in his mind, he thinks he is completing them. At the beginning of the book, Braden gets home and starts to complete his list. His list is rather simple, only 3 things are to be completed: brush teeth, take a shower, and clean everything up. He thinks he completes his list while making a new world record. When mom needs him to go back to the bathroom with her, Braden doesn’t realize he didn’t complete his list. He did take a shower and brush his teeth. Unfortunately, he did not clean up his mess. His mom asks him ‘How did you miss that?’ because he didn’t pick up his clothes, put the toothpaste away and more.

To help Braden his mom gives him 4 steps that are easy to follow to help him with self-monitoring
  • Step 1: Think about what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Step 2: Stay focused on the goal until the end.
  • Step 3: When finished, check your work again, and make sure everything is done.
  • Step 4: Ask for help if you get stuck.

These tips are great for anyone that needs help when trying to complete tasks. My son and I found this book to be helpful. We have now implemented the 4 steps in self-monitoring into his everyday life. These steps have helped him when doing chores, homework, and everything in between. 

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