Back To School With Kitty Bitty Board Game Review

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

My little girl, Miss Lillian, loves to play different games. So far today we have played 4 different games and that number will go up. She loves all sorts of games: learning games, card games, funny games, teamwork games, basically any game. Recently, I had the chance to work with the company Blue Orange, and they were kind enough to send my family the game Kitty Bitty. This was perfect timing with school just recently starting back in session. Unfortunately, the daily workload can make learning more of a chore than an engaging experience. Kitty Bitty is an educational game that is fun and encourages learning at the same time.

Kitty Bitty is such a fun little game that my little girl can play repeatedly. The game is intended for ages 4 and up. It can be played with 2-4 players. The games pieces are made of very good quality, each piece is made of real wood. Which will allow this game to last longer and be played without showing wear and tear. The game is super colorful from the mommy cats, balls of yarn, to the baby kittens.

The game is very easy to set up which is great because it allows your little ones to follow the simple directions to help. All you do is place the mommy cats out on the table or floor, place 2 eyes on each mommy cat, mix up a little, place the rug and yarn balls around the mommy cats in a circle. The eyes that you place on the mommy cats have either a cat or no cat under the eye. Each mommy cat will need an eye with a kitten print and without. Then place your kitten that you are playing with on the rug.  Then start the game.

When you roll the dice, you will get two colors. One on each dice. You then find the mommy cat that corresponds with the two colors that you rolled. Pick up an eye and look under it. If you pick an eye with a cat underneath you stay put. If the eye is blank underneath you get to move to one yarn ball. Whoever gets back to the rug first wins.

Lillian loves this game. It is very fun to play with her. She is doing great following the simple directions. This game is great at helping with her memory. Trying to remember which eye on each mommy has a cat and which is blank really works on the memory. This game is great for any little kiddo learning how to take turns, working on memory, or following directions.

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