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Monday, August 19, 2019

My husband and I have always loved wearing sunglasses. Not just for the protection, they offer from the bright sun, but also for the added element of fashion. Sunglasses compliment any outfit from jeans and t-shirts to dress pants and button-ups. Of course, certain styles require certain sunglasses. I own several sunglasses, probably 6 pairs of them. I really love sunglasses! So, finding a pair that offers protection for our eyes while distancing ourselves from the rest of the sunglasses wearing crowd is huge. The JORD sunglasses offer's that and is uniquely-styled and AMAZING.

In the past, you have seen me partner with JORD Watches (JORD IS Pronounced YODE) and share with you how much I love their watches. They are excellent in every way. Now JORD is offering eyewear, and their sunglasses are just as amazing and unique, which is exactly what I expect from a brand like JORD.

From the moment we opened my package for the JORD sunglasses, we were impressed with the quality of them. The sunglasses were presented to us protected by a complementary case, which happens to be the nicest eyewear case I have seen. The traveling case is beautifully designed with a rigid exterior and suede-lined interior. It folds open on the top to store your sunglasses and easily collapses to fit into your purse or even your back pocket. We did also receive a microfiber polishing cloth to help improve the look and longevity of my sunglasses.

There are several designs offered however we went with the Archer design. One reason we love this style so much it is listed as men's sunglasses but this particular brand can be worn by men or women. My husband and I are both loving the JORD Archer sunglasses. We love the style, the colors, design and how comfortable they are to wear. The Archer offers a stacked Walnut - Ebony look with gray lenses. We personally love darker wood grain colors, so this is perfect for us. The glasses do not have an actual ear or nose pieces which I was wondering how that would affect the comfort. To our surprise, they stayed in place with ease and are comfortable even for hours of wear and use.

The sunglasses do give more of a casual vibe which is great for wearing with a button-up, t-shirt and more. Many people have quickly noticed his JORD sunglasses and were very intrigued by the look and quality of the sunglasses. The JORD eyewear is 100% natural wood and reinforced with steel.

Making sure your eyes are properly protected is one of the most important, yet overlooked health concerns. The lenses are thermal-cured and polarized which reduces glare and locks out the UV rays. When wearing these sunglasses, you won’t feel your eyes straining from the sun. Driving, walking, and spending time outdoors are all times that call for sunglasses. Having a solid pair of sunglasses is of the utmost importance. Why not choose a solid wood pair and enjoy the experience that JORD offers.

If you know someone that loves to wear sunglasses, I would highly suggest the JORD eyewear for anyone. Now for the fun part! If you would like to own a pair of JORD Archer sunglasses, be sure to enter the giveaway for your chance to win a pair! The contest will conclude September 22, 2019, at 11:59pm. Good Luck!

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  1. Love these sunglasses! I am a it confused on how to enter to win them....hope I am doing it right. :-) Thank you.


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