Why The Simplest Date Nights Are The Best Date Nights

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Any healthy relationship or marriage is comprised of those who know it takes work to keep this arrangement sustained. It’s simply not practical to expect the honeymoon period to last forever, particularly when there are responsibilities such as children, jobs and our personal lives to take care of. However, a good relationship or marriage should support both people, one on the shoulders of the other. This can come in frank discussion and dialogue, encouragement where needed, and yes, the time-honored ‘date night.’

There’s a lovely truth to this kind of relaxation, particularly after a long week of work. Simply spending time with your spouse, feeling comforted in their presence and relaxing as much as you can will have big, positive benefits, giving you both a sense of mutual support and reconnecting with one another. But there’s often no need to be as fancy as possible. In fact, the simplest date nights can sometimes be the best date nights. Let us explain, and see why that, to our mind, is the case:

A Low-Effort Netflix Binge
There’s no reason why you should feel guilty sitting down with your partner, ordering some takeout food, and watching a season of a Netflix show, or at least a few episodes, in one sitting. Doing so can be a cheap means of enjoying a night in, quality time spent together, and also gives you something to talk about. It can also help you completely evaporate the stress of a long work week, give you some time sat down from a long day, and generally improve your mood significantly. We’d recommend ensuring that you invest in a nice TV with good speakers, or perhaps learn how to watch Netflix offline legally on Mac - Setapp has some great guides to this end.

Board Game Nights
Board games are experiencing a huge resurgence. While playing video games cooperatively can be the new experience many young couples find enticing, it can also be worthwhile to sit down, learn the rules of a board game, and then enjoy your experience to that end. It can even be more fun with a glass of wine and perhaps a friend and their partner at the same time. Boardgame nights can be silly, put you in hilariously odd situations, and are generally much more direct face-to-face fun than simply sitting together holding a controller.

Video Games
However, don’t let this besmirch video games. Puzzle cooperative games, indie titles, or perhaps the latest military shooter can all be a blast in co-operative modes. Video games can help you experience digital worlds as you may never have done, and give you a solidly fun experience you can both share. Some of the best titles include Portal 2, Borderlands and A Way Out. Just be sure to own two controllers and a comfortable sofa.

With these tips, you’re certain to enjoy a simple and relatively comforting date night. The less pressure, the better.

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