EverSmile A Must-Have for Aligner and Retainer Wearers Review

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

In 2019, people invest more time and money than ever to make sure they are putting their best smile forward. Regardless of whether you are whitening your teeth, using Invisalign, SmileDirectClub, Candid Co, ClearCorrect, or any other aligner, it doesn’t take long before they go from being crystal clear, to not-so-clear, and it goes downhill from there. This is what my daughter deals with when it comes to her aligner. She cleans it every day, but it never really looks clean, like it did when she first started using it. Luckily, she only wears it at night when she sleeps. But if a friend stays all night, she doesn’t really want to wear it.
The reason why aligners, retainers, and similar mouth care products start to look not so clear is that they block saliva, leading to a buildup of bacteria and sediment that both smell bad, and are visibly noticeable. Before you know it you can find yourself with bad breath and cloudy or yellowing aligners. Luckily, we found EverSmile, and it is the solution that my daughter has been looking for and needs.

EverSmile AlignerFresh solves the number one problem with wearing aligners; keeping them white and clean on-the-go. This comes in handy for all those moments when you can’t really rinse your mouth before you need to put your retainer or aligner back in. AlignerFresh uses hydrogen peroxide-based, anionic EverClean technology and in laboratory testing, 99.999% of common oral bacteria were killed within 60 seconds of exposure. AlignerFresh can be applied up to 6 times per day and it’s very easy to use!

All it takes is 3 simple steps:

My daughter has been using the EverSmile AlignerFresh to clean her clear retainers for about a month now. She is very impressed with how easy the EverSmile product is to use. Simply spray and go!  EverSmile does a great job cleaning her retainers and making them look much cleaner. They are also no longer a source of bad breath, which my daughter is loving. My daughter has not had any of the self-esteem issues that she has experienced in the past since she began using this product. It is such a great product to use and add to your dental regiment especially if you use any sort of retainer or aligner. 

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