3 Unique Summer Party Themes You Need to Know About

Monday, July 1, 2019

So, you want to hold a perfect party this summer, but you’re not sure where to start - we understand.  The thoughts go round and round, don’t they…?

What theme should you go for, do you want one at all - is it too cliched or does that even matter?  We understand.

Well, one solution is to go for a theme, but make it unexpected - and think of ways for people to be more or less involved. Whatever their preference.  And we think these ideas offer just those kinds of alternatives - why not see if there’s anything to inspire you?

Hold an art themed party
This is a great creative suggestion that you can interpret in various ways - and take in different directions.  Creating a big artwork could be at the center - where people can contribute as much or as little as they like. 

Or you could get enough small, cheap canvases for everyone - and people can paint each other.  Guests could come dressed in a way that’s inspired by a favorite artist - Frida Kahlo’s favorite colors perhaps!

And, for anyone who doesn’t want to paint, make sure you’ve got plenty of art inspired snacks at hand - perhaps served on palettes.

Just like art itself, use your imagination and make sure it’s good fun - don’t be tempted to take things too seriously.

Have a cool jazz theme
If music’s more your thing and you want it to be central to your party, how about having a cool jazz theme? That could mean anything from Speakeasy to Mardi Gras, The Great Gatsby or beatnik. Or it could just be a contemporary jazz night.  Nice…

You could go the whole hog and make it full on fancy dress, or just have some great music playing as you party alfresco. Or a mixture of both - depending on what you think your friends would prefer. 

A jazz theme presents some great ideas for food and cocktails - and the opportunity for a truly great playlist.

You could even hire a band to entertain your guests and create the right mood on the night at

Whatever you decide, this theme is sure to capture your guest's hearts and imaginations - and be the right side of mellow.

A night of stargazing
We’ve all been inspired by the likes of Dr. Brian Cox and other astronomers in recent years, haven’t we? So maybe you should consider a night under the stars as your party theme - sounds interesting doesn’t it?

You could rent some telescopes for anyone who’d be particularly keen to take a proper look at the constellations.  And, for anyone who doesn’t want to get quite so involved, it’s still a great chance for an interesting al fresco evening.

You could place blankets on the ground so everyone can settle in before it gets dark - and serve space themed cocktails and nibbles. Maybe you could even give guests a laser pointer so they can show others exactly what they're seeing in the sky.

We think these great party ideas could be just what you’re looking for - if you want to do something truly unique.  They’re brilliant themes for the summer, guests are guaranteed a good time - and they’ll all create a real talking point.

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  1. Interesting I have never done or been to a themed party..... I think I would like the stargazing


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