How to Improve Your Family's Health on a Daily Basis

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Taking care of your family can be quite challenging at times. After all, you and your partner have your obligations and kids tend to be quite busy these days, too. This can lead to certain health issues like obesity and a weakened immune system which in turn cause serious conditions such are diabetes, asthma, and heart disease.

However, you can prevent this vicious circle if you create healthy habits for the whole family. Besides, children like to imitate their parents and you will get excellent results by setting a good example. Therefore, here are the tips that will help you improve your family’s health on a daily basis and teach them about positive values.

1. Get your daily dose of physical activity
Physical activity is important for every human being to keep body and mind healthy and prevent certain issues related to inactivity and sedentary lifestyle. So, instead of spending the weekend at home, go camping with your family and spend quality time outdoors in the fresh air and away from city noises.

Hiking is a great outdoor activity to clear the head, exercise and see many wonderful landscapes especially if you have a national park in the vicinity or another natural landmark. Walks in the evening, jogging or riding bikes are excellent ways to get your daily dose of physical activity and have fun with your family.

2. Share a hobby with the whole family
A hobby is actually a wonderful activity which will help each member of your family individually and also to the whole group. It will help you express yourselves, relax and create something together from memorable moments to tangible things.

Sharing a hobby with your children is also a great way to dedicate them the time and attention, as well as to teach them positive values. There are hobbies you can do together like painting and gardening and you can even include other family members like grandparents which will be beneficial to their health as well.

3. Feed them healthy
With little time on their hands, people tend to eat fast food and less healthy meal options full of trans fats, sugar, and carcinogens. But contrary to popular belief, eating healthy is not difficult even when you are too busy to cook. Use healthy ingredients from respectable vendors and prepare meals several days ahead. You can easily freeze them or refrigerate them in containers and just warm the food up when necessary.

On the other hand, parents often encounter a problem with children being picky eaters and usually avoiding vegetables. Start a garden together to encourage them to eat vegetables and fruits they grow and teach them where food comes from. Also, find interesting and tasty recipes the whole family will enjoy and which will improve your dietary habits.

4. Tell your kids a bedtime story
Telling a bedtime story to your children is fun, but also an important instrument to help them develop their personalities. It relaxes the mind, strengthens the family bond and enhances imagination, as well as boosts creative thinking, problem-solving and communication skills.

Since your kids perceive you as their role model they will be inspired by your thoughts and want to learn from you. They do this by asking questions about the story and its characters, discussing it with you and trying to understand why certain things happen. So in a way, a bedtime story is also a perfect lesson about values and skills which are needed to be a better person to others and the environment.

5. Help them adopt daily hygiene routines
Remember that kids closely observe what you do and try to mimic it, so you can use this to teach them positive hygiene routines. Soon enough, they will understand to use washlets after going potty and wash their hands before the meal.

Place a stool in your bathroom so kids can stand on and wash their faces and teeth together with you as part of your nightly routine. As they grow, your kids will associate these routines with positive experiences and soon enough do them all by themselves without your incentives.

6. Have a sing-along with your kids
Singing is a nice way to bond with people in general. That is why karaoke is a popular gathering and in Japan, it's even mandatory to eliminate stress and improve social life. So, singing with your children in a sing-along can be beneficial for the whole family and help you relax after a busy day. It's also a great way to teach your kids new words and help them develop cognitively especially if you start sing-alongs from an early age.

Improving your family's health on a daily basis is not hard since children see their parents as role models and will follow your steps. Do things together with them and dedicate your time to teaching them positive life values and responsibilities to themselves and to others. They may go to school and learn from surroundings, but in the end, you will be their most valuable teacher.

Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.

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