Ekster Smart Wallet Review {Father's Day Gift Guide}

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Wallets are like a man’s organizer. All of their important cards, identification, it is all usually tucked into separate compartments and the vast majority of wallets are either made of leather or something very close intended to pass as leather. The Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet is constructed for quality and longevity for as long as you need and it contains premium European leather. 

There are lots of things to mention and praise about this wallet, but I am going to stick with the most obvious. This is an amazing wallet. The premium leather and modern look alone make it a worthy item for men everywhere. The price is fair for the amount of effort that had to go into the construction. 

A lot of people think that men can’t accessorize like women do. While it is not as convenient or talked about for a man to accessorize (this is obvious with a glance inside a wardrobe), men can indeed add accessories that, in turn, add depth to their overall look. This wallet creates sophistication in appearance and helps men appear in what many women consider to be their maximum level of attractiveness. It is hard to imagine any accessory, much less a wallet, pulling this off, but this is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill wallet.   It looks like there are 3 cards, but it will hold 10, It has a TrackR Solar-powered tracker card. This is the best part. If the wallet is lost, it stays charged for months while off. It can then send its location at the point of the next connection. 

The look, feel, and hidden agenda of this wallet make it the flare in a man’s pocket. My husband works in IT and he LOVES this watch. We had just bought him a new one that I thought was pretty good. He has forgotten all about that one in favor of the obvious choice when you are fortunate enough to be carrying one of these capable, modern, and innovative smart-wallets

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