7 Puzzle Games That Don't Need The Internet

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Bored without internet? Try the company of offline games!

Many games we play are enhanced one way or the other when you are connected to the internet. You need to be online to fully experience the game; many times certain fun features are not available offline and make the game generally boring to play. In some cases, the games fully rely on an internet connection to function.

It is quite frustrating when you want to play a game but simply cannot because you are not connected to the internet. 

So how about trying some very interesting and equally fun games that you can play any time anywhere without an online connection?

Here is a list of some the best offline puzzle games that will keep you just as entertained.

1. Candy Crush
This is one of the most popular puzzle games that you can play both online and offline. It is however fully functional offline. The game was first developed by King for Facebook but versions for Windows, Apple products and Android soon followed.

A highlight of the top features include:
  • It is a puzzle game
  • The tasks revolve around a three-match puzzle; match three candies and clear a three-piece row or column. Matching more candies comes with added functions and bonuses.
  • The game has got a very colorful interface and a sweet soundtrack to accompany.
  • Can be played both online and offline.
  • The game is free of charge on the Apple store and Play store

2. 4 Pics One Word
The tasks on this pretty simple but challenging puzzle game are just like the name suggests. You are presented with four pictures from which you need to determine a common feature and fill in the word. The game is relatively older in the market but is just as fun and challenging as new emerging games.

  • Outstanding features include:
  • A very colorful and attractive display
  • New features that are introduced periodically and can be downloaded
  • Challenging tasks as you progress to higher levels; these get more challenging than you could imagine given the simple game description.

3. Cut the rope
Another very addictive game that involves cutting candy off a piece of rope and guiding it through obstacles into a monster’s mouth. 

  • It has got a very simple concept that is easy to understand; this should not be mistaken to mean that the game is not challenging.
  • The game is very engaging and requires maximum concentration to achieve that very simple task of getting the candy off the rope and into the monster’s mouth.

4. Unblock me
This game contains a grid of blocks that can only move along their length. The objective of the game is to get a particular red block out of the grid by moving the bricks along their length, including the red one.

  • It is a puzzle game that is mentally challenging.
  • It has got a concept that is made tasking as the levels go higher.
  • A simple interface that fools many into thinking the game is a walkover; it may well be the whole idea.

5. Roll the ball
This is a suitable game for both the young and old. It is a puzzle game that involves arranging the puzzle board in such a manner as to allow the ball to roll to a designated spot at the bottom of the board.

  • It is easy to understand.
  • It is suitable for all age groups.
  • Provides significant and mentally challenging tasks

6. 2048
This is quite a different concept compared to other puzzle games. The puzzle board contains numbers that you need to add up to get a grand total of 2048. You achieve this by moving the numbers across the board. 

  • It is a simple concept.
  • Can be played by persons of all ages that understand the concept of addition.

7. The New York Times Crossword puzzle
This was unexpected to many but yes, the New York Times does have a crossword application. This features a crossword puzzle that is renewed every night at 10 pm New York time. This is the crossword that will appear in the news publication the following day.

By downloading the crossword every evening you have the whole day to work it filling the mind challenging grid. NYT crossword answers are available online each day so you can check out how you faired before getting the next crossword puzzle.

  • It is tasking each and every day.
  • It provides a unique way to pass time.
  • It is not only engaging but also very educative.
  • There pose fresh challenges every day.
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