7 ideas to Enhance your Kids Room this Summer

Monday, June 3, 2019

In a house, it is difficult to set up a kid's room. It needs a clear idea; a complete picture of what you want before you start. Parents often seek the help of interior designers to get their children's room done. The problem in decorating a kid's room is that it needs a blend of colors and furniture. You can play around with the colors and patterns a lot. You can create innovatively, ways to make the kid's room stand out.

In any room decoration, patterns and color palates play a crucial role. They complete the look of the room. But in a kid's room, it is complicated because you need to make the patterns fun and kid-like. It is quite tricky. You cannot overdo it; or else it would look like playschool. The idea is to strike a balance. A balance between the playful colors and smart patterns will give the room a sophisticated finish.

Summer is the season of colors, gives you the whole color spectrum. The summer calls for bright colors, use these colors carefully to bring out the essence of summer. The colors of the curtains and the bedcovers have to coordinate and complement each other.

What 7 ways to enhance the kid's room this summer?

1. Wallpapers: If your kid is fond of cartoons, then you get the chance to decorate the focus wall with some funky wallpapers. Wallpapers come in different varieties; you even get the glowing wallpaper patterns like ducks, polkas, geometric patterns, and many more. Wallpapers are simple, replaceable, and colorful. The options are endless; so you can, conveniently, change them every season to suit the color palate. They are affordable and hence cost effective.

2. Accessories: A kids room requires a lot of accessories. Things like a bedside lamp, a reading light on the table, a relaxing chair to sit on, a beautiful rug, some stationery organizers on the table, and so on. The kid's room needs to be accessorized tactfully; space has to be used properly. Every corner can be put to use. The key idea is to keep everything arranged and yet not boring.

3. Pieces of furniture: Yes, furniture is crucial in any room. But in a kid's room, you have a lot of options to play around. Instead of twin beds, you can set up a bunk bed. It takes up less space and also gives a camping vibe. Bunk beds are quite common these days. It adds to the young age spirit of the room. Adding some fairy lights to the legs of the bunk beds would be an aesthetic touch to your kid's room. A study table is an essential component in a kid's room. Pair it with a comfortable chair.

Hours of study sessions shouldn't be a bother because of an uncomfortable chair that gives you a sore butt. Another crucial piece of furniture is a bookshelf.  Bookshelf with enough number of shelves will help them keep the books organized.

4. Light it up: Lights are crucial. They can make or break the look of an entire room. You can light up your kid's room with fairy lights; this will give it a softer and feminine touch. You can install some hi-tech lights to suit the taste of your tech-savvy kid. If your kid is fond of art and craft then you can install some handcrafted metallic shade lights. The light industry has an inexhaustible number of options that you can choose from to suit the room. Drop lights are another option. It makes the room look sophisticated and modern. The room should have some natural amount of light flowing in; this makes the room appear more spacious; it also keeps the room refresh.

5. Paint the world with love: Paint the walls all you want. The secret is not to overdo it. Focus on one wall; preferably the one strikes your view first. If you opt for patterns, then keep the rest of the walls simple. This will balance the patterned wall. If you are painting a wall with a bright color, try to choose the wall wisely. Choose the wall which directly receives the sunlight; this will reflect the sunlight and light up the room. Kids love trendy things; to make that happen you can use special paints. Paints that glow in the dark can be used.

6. Include the ceiling: No more white, boring ceilings; you can paint them all you want. Use glow paints to make the galaxy; or paint some stars that will glow at night. You can hang some paper cranes to make it look a little more authentic kid room. If the room is big enough, then add in some fancy chandelier.

7. Use up the corners: The corners of the room can be put to use in many ways. Set up a display section; kids love collecting toys, figurines, and many more. A display shelf in the corner will help your kid to keep the toys organized. You can set up a closet. In case there is a lack of space, you can set up some racks and rods to arrange the clothes and shoes. You can also utilize the corners by converting it into a game corner. Another simple idea is to set up a few green indoor plants. Indoor plants can change the whole appearance of the room with a minimum effort. So don't worry, and just go green.

Add little things like a window-side bench; light, flowy curtains to give the room a vibrant look; some wall hangings to lighten up the mood; some music to keep that young vibe; comfortable sheets; a good lounging space to hang out with friends and some more details that will transform the look of your kid's room.

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