Today Glitter Introduces The World’s First 100% Plastic-Free Biodegradable Glitter

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Today Glitter, a global leader in glitter specially formulated to eliminate microplastics in the natural environment, announces the world’s first 100% plastic-free biodegradable glitter. It also boasts the distinction of FDA approval for use on the skin and lips. Engineered from eucalyptus cellulose core, Today Glitter’s newest addition is free of the harmful heavy metals used in traditional glitter and decomposes into the natural environment in as little as 30 days. The first and only authorized retail seller of Bioglitter in the United States, Today Glitter promises unadulterated 100% plastic-free glitter, never mixed with plastic particles that may harm the environment.

Glitter has been applied to our bodies in everyday cosmetics and specialty makeup, making appearances in body lotions and palettes ranging from eyeshadow and lip gloss, to blush and highlight. Every day, children are exposed to glitter in the classroom during arts and crafts projects, at birthday parties, carnivals, and fairs. In our adult life, glitter is prominently seen in jewelry, candles, home and holiday decorations, at weddings, and as party decorations.

Passing a number of rigorous, in-depth standardized tests mimicking the real-world environmental scenario for glitter products, Today Glitter has been certified to naturally biodegrade in as little as 30 days, leaving thriving ecosystems untouched by microplastic pollution and promoting sustainability.

In contrast, traditional glitter is composed of microplastics, miniscule pieces of plastic that make up 85% of the plastic in the environment and take up to 200 years to biodegrade. Either ending up in already crowded landfills or in more dire cases going to the ocean and other bodies of water, fish and other marine life digests the material, filling their stomach with microplastics and dying of starvation. This new 100% plastic-free collection is the first to offer TUV certification ‘OK Biodegradable in water’ to the public in the United States, guaranteeing biodegradation in any natural freshwater environment.

With endless possibilities, Today Glitter’s 100% plastic-free formula is FDA approved for use on the lips, perfect for families with small children and beauty applications. The scintillating cosmetic-grade glitter is 30-40% silkier than conventional glitter, lending itself to softer, more comfortable application and extended wear. Although biodegradable, Today Glitter‘s non-water-soluble formula allows for long-term wear without jeopardizing the hard work of strategically placing the glistening substance to the skin, allowing user’s makeup to remain flawless through any circumstance.

Today Glitter’s 100% plastic free line is officially available for purchase at starting at an MSRP of $12.00. With 9 brilliant colors and four separate sizes ranging from fine dust to larger granules, Today Glitter is easily customizable to match any makeup look or add to an existing aesthetic from a natural radiant glow to a dazzling festival look. This new 100% plastic free collection adds on their current 92% plastic-free range.

Today Glitter: Website | Instagram

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