10 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Child

Friday, May 31, 2019

Being a parent is not an easy job. This is especially true when you also have a full-time job to contend with. Most modern families are incredibly hectic, with each member having their own full schedule. Busy lives aside, however, parents do still desire a strong relationship with their kids. Everyone knows the basics of keeping little ones alive, but when it comes to making them happy, this can often seem a mystery. The good news is, it isn’t as difficult as most people first think. With that in mind, here are ten ways to strengthen your relationship with your child.

1. Say You Love Them
Your children need to know how much you love them. Most parents assume that their kids already know, and, because of that, don’t tell them nearly enough. It’s crucial that you do. Your little ones may tell you that it embarrasses them, but they’ll appreciate it nonetheless. It’s especially vital that you express your love on trying days and after disagreements. Conflict can cause a lot of stress for kids, even when they create it, but a simple “I love you” will help.

2. Listen To Them Carefully
Everyone wants to feel listened to and heard, with children being no exception. A lot of the time, what seems like a small problem for adults can be a huge issue for kids. By listening to what your child has to say, you can help them to understand and convey their emotions better. You can also offer useful advice that may help them to solve their problem. If you don’t listen to your kids, you miss out on opportunities to learn about them, which will begin to cause divides.

3. Fix Your Hearing Problem
It’s going to be very difficult to listen to your kids if you’re dealing with hearing problems. For this reason, you should take better care of your ears by turning down the music on your headphones. You should also stop cleaning your ears with cotton buds. If you already have hearing issues, then you should consider using high-tech hearing aids for the hearing impaired. These aids will make it easier for you to hear your kids, which means they’ll know that they’re being listened to.

4. Play Together Every Day
Little ones absolutely love to play, and having the parents join in on the action is sure to make it all the more fun. Not only will it make you both happier, but it can also improve their social skills, making it easier for them to make friends. Because of this, you should find activities you can do together. Younger children love to play with dolls, balls, and other toys, as well as role play, while older ones might enjoy sports and board games. Whatever you do, ensure you both have fun.

5. Eat As A Family
No matter how busy you all may be, it’s incredibly important that your family eat at least one meal together each day. This provides an opportunity for conversation and sharing, allowing you to tell one another what you’ve been up to. As much as you may enjoy watching television while you eat, you should turn it off for a while to let you focus on one another. If schedules allow it, you shouldn’t rush through the meal either. Instead, you should take your time and talk properly.

6. Ask Them To Help
Parents have a lot to do each day. Many work full-time jobs and on top of that also need to cook and clean. Completing these chores, rather than spending time with your kids, can cause you to miss out on opportunities for closeness. To remedy this, you should ask your children to help you out. Not only does this mean that you’ll have less to do, and therefore more time to spend with them, but the chores themselves offer a chance for you to talk and bond with one another.

7. Spend Some Time Snuggling
Physical contact is an integral part of relationships, regardless of your age. In fact, some professionals go as far as to say that it’s necessary for survival. For this reason, you should spend some time snuggling with your little one each day. You could do this in the morning for a few minutes, and then again before they go to sleep. You should also hug when you say goodbye and offer celebratory high-fives. Even small periods of contract can have a positive effect.

8. Establish A Code Word
As much as most parents wish that they could, we can’t read our little ones’ minds. This makes it important that you find a way for them to tell you how they feel, even when they can’t say the words. If they’re in an uncomfortable situation, for example, like a party or sleepover that isn’t going well, then they could give you some sort of code word. This would allow you to take your child away, without causing them any embarrassment.

9. Allow Them To Choose
You are not going to like every choice that your child makes, but, the truth is, you don’t have to. All you need to do is pay them enough respect to make that decision regardless. Children begin to reach out for independence at a very young age. If you stop them from choosing their own clothes, friends, or haircut, then they’ll always be looking to you for permission. This can put a major strain on your relationship. Your job is to be there to help if anything goes wrong.

10. Make Them A Priority
Your little ones should take priority over all else in most situations. When you’re spending time with your children, you shouldn’t also be playing games or working on your phone. This will make your kids feel as though they’re inconveniencing you. To truly connect during family time, you have to be fully present and engaged. If necessary, you should put your phone away for a while so that you’re not tempted to use it.

Children truly are a mystery, but, hopefully, with the advice above, you can build a better relationship with yours regardless.

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