Ways to Celebrate Earth Day from Home

Thursday, April 11, 2019

With so many holidays to celebrate annually, some important ones certainly go unnoticed. This year, be sure to add Earth Day to your list of special occasions to observe! This day is marked as a worldwide holiday intended to encourage individuals to take better care of the planet we live on. On April 22, challenge yourself to go green and treat the environment with consideration and kindness. Whether you’re an environmental novice or a true green warrior, you can make a significant impact on the world just from the comfort of your home. If you need a jumpstart, look to these suggestions on ways to celebrate Earth Day this year.

Cook sustainably
Next time you waltz into the kitchen to prepare dinner, take a moment to consider how your mealtime routine can be adjusted to better support the environment. Cooking sustainably goes beyond filling your diet with locally sourced ingredients- although minimizing food miles does do wonders for reducing the impact of greenhouse gas! Additionally, practicing sustainability in food preparation extends to water and energy conservation.

On Earth Day, visit your local farmer’s market to gather your ingredients for a meal. Be conscious of what you really need for that particular meal when prepping your food, and take precautions to save the excess produce. Educate yourself on food storage to better understand how to maintain freshness until the next meal. When actively cooking, conserve energy by keeping the heat at a minimum- you probably don’t need to have the burner on high in order to get your meal cooked! Conserve water by always using accurate measurements of liquid called for in a recipe. Cover the pot when boiling to minimize evaporation, which will lead to your needing more.

Go plastic free
The production of plastic has increased dramatically over the decades- as of 2015, the total of plastic produced was 8.3 billion metric tons. Of this grand total, which dates back to 1950 onward, more than half was created just in the past 13 years. The growing concern is the rapid turnover rate of this production- people are using plastic for smaller amounts of time before discarding, leaving mass amounts in landfills. With our current waste management trends, it is projected that the plastic in landfills will blow up from 4.9 billion metric tons to 12 billion.

It’s easier to drastically reduce your household’s plastic use. If you’re unsure where to start, lean on some beginner tips for plastic free living. Invest in cloth grocery bags for your next food haul to reduce the need for plastic bags. Purge your kitchen cabinets of plastic food storage and replace them with glass versions, which can be washed and reused without fear of emitting toxins when heat.

Make smart upgrades
If you’re looking to make a bigger change that will help to sustain a longer-term environmental impact, consider installing eco-friendly upgrades within your home. Tackling your plumbing first helps to not only conserve water usage but also minimizes your energy usage. With eco-friendly upgrades, your household can save up to 30 percent in water use. Collectively this can lead to 5.4 billion gallons of water saved per day.

To start conserving, begin with small updates to your showerheads and faucets- low flow showerheads are easy to install and will help you automatically conserve water. Touchless faucets are another great upgrade that can help save up to 50 percent of regular water usage. To make a greater impact on your energy usage, call in a local plumbing professional to help you switch out your water heater for a tankless version. These eco-friendly models need less energy to provide your home with hot water, resulting in a savings of up to 40 percent on your energy bill.

Switch up your transportation
Although your car feels like a necessity, going without it a few times each week can do wonders for the environment and your health. Transportation is one of the leading causes of global warming and its emission of greenhouse gases pollute the air supply you’re breathing in. This Earth Day, make a vow to leave your keys at home.

If you live relatively close to work or have small errands to run that are within reasonable proximity to your home, opt for cycling. Reframe going green with your transportation as an opportunity to promote your body’s health, getting in heart-healthy exercise while also getting to where you need to be. If you’re nervous about riding your bike in busier areas, consider hopping on public transit. This is a great way to save the environment from harmful fuels, as carpooling in large numbers minimizes the number of cars on the road. Additionally, choosing an alternative transportation method will save you hundreds in gas and car maintenance.

Spring clean with natural cleaners
You wouldn’t use toxic ingredients to clean your body, wash your face, or fuel your body, right? Treat your home with the same respect! Indulge your home in a deep spring clean using only organic and natural household cleaners. Your favorite brands may do the trick in sanitizing your home or breaking down hard to clean substances, but they do so by using toxic ingredients that linger on your surfaces and in your air supply long after your cleaning is done. Additionally, you don’t need these toxins in order to “clean” your home. Switching over to natural cleaning brands that use safe ingredients you know (and can pronounce!) will help keep your home spotless this Earth Day as well as toxin free.

Enjoy the Earth
The easiest on this list of Earth Day activities, be sure to take a break from green home upgrading and spring cleaning to slow down and enjoy the world that you’ve been given. Whether it’s going for a walk around your neighborhood, camping out in your backyard, or having a picnic at a local park, make a point of scheduling some one on one time with mother nature!

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