Tips for Building the Perfect Summer Body

Sunday, April 28, 2019

There’s no doubt that spring is the perfect time to get into (or get back into) shape, and it’s not too late to turn your workout habits around and see results by the time summer starts. The dream of a perfect summer body is great motivation to work out, but there’s more to exercise than losing weight.

Making progress while working out will help you build your body for the beginning of summer, but you’ll also notice other benefits like increased energy and endurance. There is also a strong connection between physical exercise and positive effects on mental health.

If you’ve avoided working out for a while, you may want to consult with a physical therapist or doctor before starting an exercise plan. Direct access physical therapy is a quick and convenient way to ensure you’re not overexerting yourself when you start heading to the gym.

Set Goals
Measurable and attainable goals are crucial to short- and long-term results and motivation when working out, and this is especially true if your interest in exercise comes from a desire to lose weight. While there’s nothing wrong with a weight-loss goal, many people who simply want to reach a certain weight end up stopping once they get there.

Focusing on goals that go beyond the number on the scale will help you maintain your motivation even after you’ve reached your target. Exercising for just a few months may help you lose weight temporarily, but you’re likely to plateau or gain it back if you don’t maintain your good habits.

Don’t Rush Yourself
It’s easy to start pushing yourself when you’re trying to lose a given amount of weight in a limited amount of time, but developing a healthier lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, trying to do too much in the early stages of working out usually ends up doing more harm than good.

Instead of attempting to lose all your weight in a few weeks, start with a workout designed for beginners until you feel that your body is ready to move on to more advanced exercises. If you’re still feeling sore one or two days after working out, don’t feel bad about waiting an extra day before going back to the gym.

Manage Your Diet
We all know the effect that regular exercise can have on our physical and mental health, but you should keep in mind that a healthy diet is just as important as your workout routine. Ruining your hard work by filling up on junk food can be just as bad as staying home and eating more nutritiously.

Fortunately, there are a number of applications designed specifically to help users monitor and improve their eating habits. If you’re serious about losing weight or becoming healthier overall, making small steps to change your diet for the better will go a long way.

It’s easy to grow discouraged if you didn’t get the exercise you wanted in the winter, but it’s not too late to start hitting the gym for the summer. These tips will help you overcome some of the most common challenges people experience when starting a new workout routine and get the body you’re looking for by the time summer starts.

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