Putting On The Perfect Christening

Thursday, April 11, 2019

A christening to get friends and family together and celebrate. Many people like to throw a big event, which often requires a lot of planning to help get everything right. Here are just a few tips that will help you to put on the perfect christening.

Let the godparents know before setting the date
Your child’s godparents are the most important guests. Make them the first people to know about the event so that you can find a date to fit their availability. Choosing the godparents is an important step and you consider carefully as to who in your friend group best suits the role of a godparent. Ideally, they should be people who are close who you know you can rely on.

Choose the right venue
You need to then choose both the church and the venue for the afterparty. Consider the number of guests you’re anticipating so that you have a suitably sized venue for them all. Sufficient parking could also be important. When it comes to the party, you could hold it at your home if you feel you have enough space. Alternatively, you may decide to rent somewhere out with catering to take the stress of hosting off your shoulders.

Plan what your child will wear
If your little one is still a baby, you may decide to opt for a traditional christening gown. Looking for this early will allow you to shop around for styles, as well as finding gowns within your budget. You may even be able to get a christening gown custom-made.  

Send out invitations
Sending out invitations to your guests should be the next step. Whilst you can do this via a Facebook page or by ringing people up, printed invitations can have a more personal feel. You will need all your guests’ addresses for this (although you may be able to give them the invitations in person).

Provide enough food and drink
A good christening party needs enough food and drink. If your venue has a bar, make sure that they are adequately stocked up and consider putting some behind it so that guests have some free drinks (you could also consider jugs of cocktails or a champagne reception). As for food, a buffet could be a great option – if the venue isn’t able to provide this, consider hiring catering to do it for you.

Embrace family traditions
A christening is a chance to celebrate the family bloodline too. Embrace your heritage through games, food, and music. This can give your christening a unique edge and it can make it a more memorable occasion for all your guests – especially those that have attended multiple christenings recently.  

Keep the kids entertained
There may be lots of kids attending your christening, in which case you may want to provide some child’s entertainment. Choosing a venue with outdoor space could be handy – you could then hire a bouncy castle or organize activities such as face-painting. You could even scatter some disposable cameras around the venue so that kids can take their own photos of the event.

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