5 Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Friday, April 12, 2019

A house is merely a property that you own (possibly even live in) but it would take something special for you to turn it into a home. You see, a home is not just a rental property, it’s a state of mind, a feeling that you get when you walk through the door and the sensation that you get when you think about it. It’s also a place that will be a setting for some of your favorite memories, which is why it needs to be chosen, decorated and used wisely. While all of these may seem a bit too abstract, here are five tips to help you make your new house feel like a real home.

1. Find the right place
There are some things that are exclusive to the layout of the place and the location of the office. What this means is that you’ll have to be extra careful when first buying the place and take all of these considerations into question. A lot of people like to look at the potential of the place. For instance, right now, it might be just you and your partner but in a couple of years, your family might undergo rapid expansion. This is why it’s usually for the best to choose a place that you can expand into. Often, this promise of future alone is enough to set you on the path towards transforming a house into a home.

2. Consider the financial aspect

The next thing you need to figure out is the financial aspect of the place. Namely, choosing a home that you can’t afford is a problematic thought on so many different layers. Think about it, it will determine your monthly mortgage payment and your household budget. Both of these things are lifestyle changing factors. 

The very thought that you can’t afford some of your favorite luxuries because the place is too expensive may be something that will cause you to dislike a place, regardless of how much time and effort you invest in decorating it. Moreover, your decoration budget may be affected by this, as well. Also, you need to fully understand the issue of taxes and tax depreciation that goes with this kind of residential property, which is why consulting experts behind agency like WRC Quantity Surveying might be a good idea. 

3. Make the place safe and secure
One of the most important things that every home needs to possess is that feeling of safety as you walk through the doors. For this to work, you need to ensure that it’s safe and sound. Something that a lot of people do when they first move in is to change the locks, which is definitely a good idea. Aside from this, you also need to inspect your exterior lighting, make sure that all the windows can be properly shut and inspect the premises. Landscaping also plays a huge role here. Namely, shrubs and trees next to the house are a safety risk, while a pavement or a deck may increase the chance of you hearing the potential burglar.

Nonetheless, not all hazard comes from the outside. Make sure to check the place for things like pests and traces of asbestos before you move in. Both of these issues can have negative long-term effects on your health. Next, make sure that your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide (CO) detector are in perfect working order. This way, you’ll be able to rest assured that the place is safe for you and your family.

4. Personalize the place

Imagine a scenario where you wanted a person who never met you to learn something about you by just walking around the place. What are the questions that they could get from examining it? Do you live alone, if not how many members does your family have? What is your favorite color? Do you have any hobbies or interests? What is your occupation? Are you a neat person or someone who enjoys living in the mess of their own making? Are you a minimalist or do you enjoy something more extravagant? All of these questions can be answered through interior design with just a bit of creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking.

5. Approach all senses
The next way to improve the quality of the place is to make sure it pleases all your senses. While the issue of visual appeal will be approached through the interior design, not everything is about visual. By moving your living room and your bedroom as far away from the street as possible, you’ll get a much quieter place. The feeling of warmth can be achieved through the cunning use of lighting (this again is partially visual but the way in which it works is through a sensation association) and the choice of cozy furniture/rugs. 

You can also invest in a new coffee maker or some scented candles in order to make the place smell a lot nicer. All of this, when combined, might turn it into a place you always dreamed of living in. More importantly, however, you need to improve the air quality within the room and there are several ways for you to do so. While some prefer getting an air purifier, others go for a natural solution of making their own indoor jungle. Fortunately, these two options are not mutually exclusive. Letting some fresh air in by opening all your windows and making a breeze at least twice per day is also a good idea. Air freshener is not a real solution and while it’s handy in some scenarios, it isn’t something that you should come to rely on.

In conclusion
The last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that you’re choosing a home for your entire family, which means that you should include the entire family into your decision-making process. Sure, you might be the one pulling most of the shots for a reason, yet, it never hurts to bring up an important issue up for debate. Remember, the only way for this to work is if you’re all in on it together. 

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